Hero Siege Season 10 Patch Notes: Inventory And Special Dungeon Changes Included In Update

Season 10 update is out
Season 10 update is out instantgaming.com

Elias Viglione, the developer of Hero Siege, has fixed multiple general bugs, player bugs, and some shop issues in the game's most recent patch. The developer has also added new useful features such as binding mouse buttons to abilities and pinging players with a hotkey. Some reworks were applied to the inventory section, making it more appealing for players. A lot of changes have been made to the shops in the live version of the game, including reworked visuals for the clothing section.

Hero Siege Season 10 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • There is now a portal back to entrance in every special dungeon such as Black Tower
  • Special Dungeons now require keys to open on Inferno, keys drop from enemies/bosses etc. Dungeons also have a treasure chests you can open after clearing the final level in which drops rewards
  • Mercenary can now be purchased from Gar Nor in town
  • Difficulties now have sub levels that can be chosen, increasing Magic Find and Experience Gain. This does not affect Wormholes
  • Fallen Inoya now requires pieces from all seven bosses
  • Black Market prices lowered by 50%
  • You can now use a key for movement with the mouse (Binded to Mouse 2 on default).
  • You can now bind mouse buttons to abilities
  • You can now ALT + Left click to ping your fellow players
  • Increased buffs and debuffs from Devil Shrine by 50%


  • Sets now require -1 of the whole set to give the effect (Except Tal's)
  • Increased all enemy type drop factors
  • Lowered all satanic tier numbers: SS: 160k, S: 125k, AA: 95k, A: 80k, B 65k, C 50k
  • Added six new Runewords
  • Rebalanced the Elemental Bows
  • Rescaled most items in the game
  • Fixed Mirage with toggleable abilities
  • Buffed Thinking Cap Mana Shield
  • Ascendancy and Thinking Cap now have toggleable abilities
  • Spell Mirror ability on mirage now has a 2% chance per ability level to cast spell mirror, so max is 40%
  • Rule of Order from runeword Sovereignty now increases your flat magic damage
  • Tripled damage from Overwhelming Power
  • Added Gul rune (0.2% mana per hit)
  • Added Zod rune (0.2% Life per hit)
  • Added unique art to item: Odin's Battlespear
  • Changed Gold pickup color to white
  • Adding all new set items for the newely created Class trees. These will be added in over time during the season
  • Added Arcane Nova into ability tokens for ranged weapons
  • High runes now only drop in inferno, mid runes only in hell
  • High runes beyond id 32 only drop on inferno act bosses and wh bosses now
  • Increased token drops a bit (not including ruby key and dshard)


  • Every damage type is now calculated individually in the damage number and on enemy impact (elemental breaks, penetration etc)
  • Non-season players will have their level color gray and hero level color red in chat
  • AOE abilities and effects now cut from walls visually, no longer drawing on top of them.
  • Mana and Health regen stat is now based on 100% of your max hp and mana
  • Lowered Mana cost scaling
  • Mana per second and HP per second no longer drops in combat
  • Hero Level requirement lowered by 50%
  • Base critical chance is now 5%
  • Base crit damage is now 25%
  • Removed Crit chance cap
  • Dots can crit now
  • Fixed Weapon Damage scaling on abilities
  • Weapon Damage on abilities now scales 5% per point up to 100% with 20 points in a talent
  • Skill tooltips now show cooldown
  • Abilities now have maximums you can put to it before reaching a certain level (the level is displayed after the name when its locked)
  • Optimized the player buff system


  • Steam Lootboxes + Key purchases & skins are now set up, the Steam Inventory can be accessed from PAUSE menu. Lootboxes have a chance to drop from all bosses and crystal chests with a steam set interval of 15 minutes
  • Shop now shows correct prices (even sale prices if there is one). Only on STEAM tho
  • Shop visual remade, featured and clothing sections etc
  • Shop will now show the hat you have equipped when browsing skins, equip the skin to reset the hat to the skin's hat
  • Bought skins are now automatically unlocked in the shop
  • Fixed Steam Skin not working in offhand
  • Major improvements in the shop (You can now see your collected stuff)


  • Nerfed grass based item drops
  • Light Source abilities and projectiles now have correct lighting below them and not black shadows
  • Left D-pad now shows loots on ground like ALT does without gamepad (remember to turn "Show loot names" off if you dont want to see them all the time)
  • Number compressed values in Buffs (now showing K, M, B etc)
  • Improved code on drops to loop less, eating performance (gold, keys etc)
  • Removed vote reset in the tutorial
  • Nerfed Relic damage quite a bit
  • Removed bonus EXP from below Inferno in dungeons
  • Mercenary basic reduction scale buffed from 50% to 85%
  • Fixed Elemental Weakness
  • Fixed buffs not drawing on screen
  • Reworked visual inventory
  • Did a ton of performance optimization for enemy density
  • Fixed minions being unable to crit
  • All summons are now destroyed if the talent no longer has points in it
  • All summon abilities now destroy the old summons before creating fresh ones
  • Skill tooltips now show cooldown
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