Here's Your Guide to What's Happening in Season 1 of XDefiant

Season 1 is locked and loaded. Ubisoft

In case you didn't know, Season 1 of XDefiant was officially launched early this week. There's a lot to unpack and today we'll give you a tour on what you can expect.

Let's start with the obvious which are the new game modes. Right now, players can check out the Capture the Flag game mode that's in Unranked Playlists. For those wondering, this mode is also set to be introduced to Ranked but at a later date. Later in Season 1, the Bomb mode is going to be added. This one-life mode has one team trying to plant a bomb while the other doing what they can to deny or defuse said bomb. You can also learn more about the current modes in the game through our guide here.


Ranked Playlists are coming to the game through Season 1. Compared to Unranked Playlist, Ranked features skill-based matchmaking and lets you fight it out against opponents having the same skill level.

Those who win get their rank increased while those who lose have it decreased. One good news is that individual performance is taken into account. For example, those who end up as the top scorer on the losing team get penalized less for a loss. Meanwhile, being the lowest scorer on the winning team won't give you as much credit when compared to the match MVP.

At the end of the season, players get to earn unique rewards based on their rank.

New Maps

Players should be happy to know that three news maps are being added in Season 1. The first is already available and it's called the Clubhouse map. This one is inspired by the Rainbow Six map of the same name and comes with its own dedicated Playlist. It has a familiar indoor layout with the R6 version but has expanded outdoor areas which should be challenging even for the most seasoned of players. The two remaining maps are to be introduced within the season.

New Weapons

Three new weapons are also being introduced with Season 1. These are:

  • LVOA-C
    • A new assault rifle which features better handling and a faster fire rate compared to the M4A1.
    • However, all of these comes at the expense of a shorter range and increased recoil.
  • L115 Sniper Rifle
    • Acts as a middle ground between the fast-but-weaker M44 and the slow and powerful TAC-50.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
    • A new secondary weapon that gives players a deadly close-quarters weapon with limited shots.

New Faction

Finally, Season 1 introduces the GS Kommando faction which bring with them added protection, area control, and even area defense. The passive trait of this faction gives them immunity from the headshot multiplier.

Players can choose for their activated ability between Shock Wire or Active Defense System. Shock Wire can slow and damage enemies while the ADS nullifies within its range all enemy throwables.

You can learn more about the factions to choose from here.

XDefiant is free to play on PC via Ubisoft Connect. It's also available for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

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