Here's What's Being Planned for the Ranked Mode in PUBG: Battlegrounds

Changes coming soon. Krafton

In a recent Dev Letter, the PUBG: Battlegrounds Team revealed their plans for the game's Ranked mode. There's going to be changes beginning with Season 30.

The team shared in a post that Ranked isn't simply a game mode. After all it evaluates, as well as rewards, players based on the skills that they've managed to hone over time. Basically, what it does to offer an environment where players can set, pursue, and achieve their goals.

A Quick Background

The development team went on to say that back in 2022 and 2023, they focused on refining the base ruleset for Ranked which later resulted in setting the groundwork for the "vibrant Ranked experience." While there's no question that the RP systems and rewards are indeed important, the team said that their goal was to reevaluate and with it improve the overall Ranked experience. Indeed, there's been a lot of changes implemented, all to ensure that Ranked doesn't become monotonous.

For this year, the team wants to build on that very foundation and make Ranked not only challenging but also prestigious.

Ranked Rewards

What changes are coming? For starters, when Season 30 goes live players get access to two kinds of Rewards. The first are Tier Rewards which are based on skill level. According to the team, it seems that the current Tier Rewards didn't offer enough incentives for the players. As a result, weapon skins are going to be added as Tier Rewards beginning Season 30. It's awarded to those who are at least Gold Tier. By being able to get unique weapon skins through Ranked, it's proof of skill.

Another chance is that in the past the Top 500 Bonus Rewards were available to all Top 500 players. Now they'll be exclusively awarded to those who are at least Master Tier.

RP Point Rewards

Another type of reward is the Ranked Play Point Rewards. Players can earn these by accumulating points through Ranked play. It's designed to allow players of all skill levels to set and achieve their own goals. Since the number of Ranked Play Points earned is based on the performance in a match, players of all skill levels are encouraged to give their very best effort when it comes to every match and are rewarded accordingly.

What do you think of these planned changes? PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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