Here are the Gunplay Adjustments Introduced in the New update for PUBG: Battlegrounds

The changes are here. Krafton

Back in March of this year, Krafton revealed that one of the changes coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds was on gunplay. Updates on this are scheduled to be released every two months with a Gunplay LABS being made available to get player feedback. The new update is here and there are indeed some interesting changes.

For the guns, both the SCAR-L and AKM received good buffs. This was done because these two had limited usability and low win rates. The AKM has its damage increased from 47 to 48. It may appear small, but this slight damage boost gives it that competitive edge when compared to other ARs.

Meanwhile for the SCAR-L, one of the changes was increasing the rate of fire from 625 RPM to 650 RPM. Meanwhile, both the horizontal and vertical recoil were lowered by as much as 4%. These adjustments were made to offset what could be possible increase in the recoil to the change made for the rate of fire.

New Animation

Another weapon that had undergone is the Panzerfaust. One of the complaints players had with this one was that a lot apparently have been eliminated in a flash through hot drops or close-quarter combats. Since the Panzerfaust is considered as an explosive, there is the expectation that it has to deliver significant firepower.

The problem was that its rapid firing has resulted in a lot of limited opportunity for opponents to be able to react. This feedback wasn't just from your pub players but even those from the Esports leagues. To address these issues, a new equipment animation has been introduced which prevents the Panzerfaust from being fired immediately after equipping or picking it up.

By the way, the spawn rate of the Panzerfaust at the Cable Car spot has been reduced though the general world spawn rate in Vikendi has been increased.

Suppressor Sound

Now when it comes to DMR weapons, one of the top picks has been the Mk12. However, players have been raising the issue that it's difficult to discern its firing sound when equipped with the Suppressor. This has resulted in concerns being raised that the weapon could be OP when both Lightweight Grip and Suppressor are attached. While now changes were made on the weapon itself, the team made sure to increase the gunfire sound for the Mk12 especially when the Suppressor is attached. This should allow for its visibility during mid-range engagements.

Aside from the adjustments made to gunplay, you can also check out the new Destructible Terrain feature here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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