Here's A Trick That Fixes Stuttering In Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight Stuttering Fix
Batman Arkham Knight Stuttering Fix Wallpaper Cave

When the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight launched, it was among the most unoptimized ports of all time. Rocksteady did address the issue with some update patches, but it simply made the game bearable until you can complete it and forget it.

Even after a row of update patches, the game did not run quite decently on many mid-range PCs, with players reporting frame pacing and major stuttering issues. However, if you're still playing the game (or are looking to revisit the franchise) and want to smooth out your experience, here is a fan-made fix that you'll want to check out.

The fix comes from a modder that goes by the name SherielFarouk, who has managed to fix the texture streaming system that was responsible for causing stuttering in the game. Although I am not a coding expert, the modder also creating something that's called a texture pool on top of D3D11, which allows textures to be reused (I have no idea what that means).

Here is what SherielFarouk had to say about the fix. "I grabbed the source for ReShade (to use the API hooking/interception) and implemented a texture pool on top of D3D11, so the game remains unaware it exists yet gets the performance benefits from the texture reuse," the modder said. "It seemed to fix the issue for me and now I get a mostly locked 60 FPS game, so here's hoping it works for other people."

SherielFarouk posted the fix on Reddit and the post soon blew up. Some people have reported that they have gained massive performance improvements, while others haven't noticed any improvements at all.

About Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight was the most recently released Arkham game that closed the trilogy that had begun with Batman Arkham Asylum. The game was also the first to allow players to use the Batmobile to explore Gotham.

Batman Arkham Knight is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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