Are The Batman: Arkham Origins Developers Teasing A New Game?

Looks like we are finally get a new sequel.
Looks like we are finally get a new sequel. WB Games Montréal

The celebration of Batman Day became a lot more interesting when developer WB Games Montreal teased the possibility of a new title in the popular Batman: Arkham franchise. While it holds true that Rocksteady Studios was the creator of the three games in the franchise (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight), WB Games Montreal was responsible for making the prequel title a reality. It is where Gotham became an avenue for the Dark Knight’s infamous villains.

Batman has been making the rounds over the weekend in all areas of the entertainment landscape in celebration of the character's 80th anniversary. And there was a lot that happened, from the announcmenet of a Fortnite X Batman crossover to the out-of-the blue release of all Arkham and LEGO Batman games on the Epic Games Store. The very last title in the franchise is Arkham Knight, which was released in 2015. It also became a finale for the franchise by closing out many of the plot threads that had been weaving in and out of the four titles.

While nothing has been official yet, it is very likely that Arkham Knight might not be the last Arkham title in the series. In a tweet, the developer presented a video feed of the famous Bat-Signal being projected onto their studio building. The only catch, though, is the camera occasionally glitches and flickers, which kind of morphs into strange symbols. As expected, a lot of fans and players quickly screen-grabbed the images in hopes of deciphering their meaning. Based on the information they gathered, it is possible that it seems as if at least two of them referenced former parts of the Batman mythos.

Some fans are confident that one of these symbols appears to be a demon's head. And if this is true, then the League of Assassins could be a focus.. Another image is almost certainly the logo of the Court of Owls, giving more credence to the many rumors of an upcoming Court of Owls Batman game.

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