Batman Arkham Legacy: New Game Information Leaked

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Twitter user @New_WabiSabi, a reliable previous leaker for Batman Arkham Knight, has come up with some spicy leaks for the new Batman game that is rumored to be in development. The lack of Arkham games since 2015 has kept many Arkham fans in a baffled and mysterious state and this information could bring in some excitement to those awaiting a new Batman game.

Since 2015, neither WB Games Montreal nor Rocksteady have made any official announcement for an upcoming sequel to the Batman Arkham franchise. However, unofficially, it is believed that WB Games Montreal is currently working on a Batman game titled Batman: Arkham Legacy that features the entire playable roster of the ‘Bat-family’.

There have also been several rumors about WB Games Montreal scrapping and canceling projects that were intended to be Batman titles. One of these projects was supposedly a Suicide Squad game. Last year, a developer from WB Games Montreal claimed that the company had been working on two DC Comics games, one of which was rumored to be a new Batman game based on the Court of Owls storyline.

Fans of the Arkham universe were hoping for an E3 official reveal, but the developers had nothing to speak of during the convention. New_WabiSabi, who has proven to be reliable around E3, suggested that the new Batman game has a rather straightforward name, Batman: Arkham Legacy.

Interestingly, Thomas Polito a comic book insider, replied to the tweet, suggesting that the information is true. Traditionally, the Bat-family includes all of Batman’s varied allies and sidekicks, including multiple Robins (the alter egos, most notably Red Hood and Nightwing), various Batgirls, and Batwoman. Apart from these, there are other loosely associated characters such as Catwoman, Azrael, Huntress, and Creeper that could possibly make an appearance in the game. It would also be nice to see more of Alfred’s role in the game as well.

Again, it is advised to take this information with a grain of salt, since we have no idea when an official announcement for the game might be made, or even if it officially exists in the first place.

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