Here's How the Challenge of Ascension Works in Summoners War

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When Trial of Ascension was introduced in Summoners War, it was a way to test the ability of the players to clear different waves and stages while obtaining different rewards. Things are about to get even better with the Challenge of Ascension. It's a new PvE content that's been designed to have a high difficulty level.

The Challenge of Ascension is going to have five Attribute Towers and one Spires of Ascension. One difference this content has with Trial of Ascension is that there's no reset system. That means players can focus on clearing each floor. This is sure to be one of the most difficult PvE content in the game.

New Tower Features

In Challenge of Ascension, each Attribute Tower has players one use Monsters having the same attribute. For example, the Tower of Fire should only have Fire Monsters. Anyway, each Attribute Tower has a maximum of 30 floors while Spires of Ascension can have as much as 100 floors. The Spires of Ascension are going to be unlocked based on how many floors are cleared in each Attribute Tower. Let's say a player manages to reach 15 floors of each of the five towers. This means the Spires of Ascension opens up to 75 floors.

It goes without saying that players can earn rewards after clearing each floor. Various achievement rewards are also given based on the battles players had in the towers.

Challenge of Ascension vs Trial of Ascension

Challenge of Ascension was designed to offer players high difficulty levels. That means it's going to be difficult even for those who've already defeated different monsters. It's safe to say that veteran Summoners should enjoy this one considering that it simulates their challenging spirit. For a simple comparison, the easiest floor on Challenge of Ascension has a degree of difficulty that's almost the same as the top level of Trial of Ascension [Hard]. This means that higher floors are sure to be more challenging compared to Trial of Ascension [Hell].

Another difference is that progress is maintained since there's no reset. In a post, the development team revealed that they found it rather "unnecessary to burden Summoners" by having them clear floors all over again once there's a reset. The team went on to say that they hopes the players are excited as they are in facing the challenges.

Another difference is that no Energy is consumed when it comes to the battles in Challenge of Ascension. The reason is that since this content is challenging, players should be able to try it out the different floors using different strategies.

Basic Rules

Here are the basic rules in Challenge of Ascension:

  • Basic battle rules are the same as in Trial of Ascension.
    • Players can bring Five Monsters to battle.
    • The same Monster can be used only once in the team.
  • In Attribute Towers, Monsters must have the same attribute as the tower of that attribute.
    • Only the Monsters with the relevant attribute can be used in each Attribute Tower.
    • This doesn't apply to Spires of Ascension where Monsters of all attributes can be used.
  • Each floor has a turn limit.
    • This means players need to win within a set number of turns.
      • The number of turns allowed varies every floor.
    • Exceeding the turn limit results in a loss.

What do you think? Can you take on the Challenge of Ascension?

Summoners War is an RPG which invites players to Sky Arena, a world that's under battle over the vital resource that is Mana Crystals. It's available for the PC via Steam.

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