Summoners War: Chronicles x One-Punch Man Collab Starts Tomorrow

Prepare for new Monsters.
Prepare for new Monsters. Com2Us

The collaboration between Summoners War: Chronicles and the hit anime show One-Punch Man goes live tomorrow. We’ve known this a few weeks back but not much was revealed at the time. Now, Com2uS has given us a peek into what to expect for this new collaboration.

For starters, eight major characters from One-Punch Man are appearing in the game as monsters. Each of these characters uses techniques from the original anime show like “Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist” and “Spiral Incineration Cannon.”

The characters are:

  • Natural five-star fire-type Monster
    • Genos
    • Atomic Samurai
  • Natural five-star water-type Monster
    • Garou
    • Silverfang
  • Natural five-star wind-type Monster
    • Terrible Tornado
    • Hellish Blizzard
  • Natural four-star dark-type Monster
    • King
  • Natural four-star light-type Monster
    • Mumen Rider

As part of the collab, players can look forward to an event which allows them to obtain natural five-star collaboration monsters easier. They just need to accumulate 200 summon mileage which in turn gives them an “Elite Selection Scroll,” usable for getting collaboration monsters.

Now you’re probably wondering, where does the protagonist Saitama fit in this new collab? The thing is, he won’t be appearing as a monster. Instead, players can encounter him in different forms like as an NPC or in-dungeon quest cutscenes.

Players should also be excited about the new dungeon called Evolution of Ascension. The final boss creature of this dungeon is Carnage Kabuto and players get generous rewards once they defeat him.

There are various events available as well in this collab. Those who complete daily missions can get rewards from eight One-Punch Man collab characters. More rewards are available based on participation in the Guild Raid.

Players can also check out the attendance event where they are rewarded by simply logging in. Plus, there is the Justice Enforcement! Path of Growth event which hands out Restoration Stones, Rainbowmons, and Breath of Life, to name a few.

The anime show One-Punch Man features the hero Saitama who can defeat enemies with a single punch. What made the fans love the show was the unique concept combined with a well-crafted storyline and the serious yet comical tone. The first season was released in 2015 with the second season launched in 2019.

Summoners War: Chronicles is available on PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.

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