Hello Neighbor 2 Patch 4 Brings AI Improvements, New Features, and More

Hello Neighbor 2
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Hello Neighbor 2’s latest patch is here and it makes the game better, with several notable AI improvements and new features introduced. New animations are added as well, and some of the puzzles in DLCs are improved. Combined with overall polishing and bug fixing, this patch is quite crucial.

The neighbor will now notice the player if they are sneaking around his property. He can also search and grab you if you are hiding under a table. The rest of the changes are mentioned below.

New Features
  • Spy on your Neighbors & observe the town by using street cameras and rather questionable gnomes
  • Mess around with trash cans and bags
  • It’s back! Check out the new tool for your investigation in Quentin’s hub - pinboard
  • Your progress in the DLC is safe now with the new save system
Fixed Issues and Other Improvements
  • Check out the new animations
  • Visuals here and there have been polished
  • Visual effect when Quentin is hit by Items has been improved
  • Portable display flickering when switching from one camera to another issue has been fixed
  • Policeman no longer gets stuck in the open door animation
  • Crashes after resetting your progress should be fixed
  • Quentin now holds the items correctly when using the camera monitor and moving to the left or right
  • Now you can easily pick up button 5 in the Bakery
  • Policeman now washes his uniform after encountering the paint can trap
  • Policeman now behaves correctly after loading the last save
  • No more crashes in the first cutscene
  • Quentin can crawl between tables on the second floor of the Neighbor’s house
  • Quentin no longer gets stuck when climbing the wardrobe in the Taxidermist’s house
  • Quentin is no longer blocked by an invisible obstacle in the trophy room
  • Bushes near the office no longer fly above the ground
  • The window in the upside-down room at the Hideout has been fixed
  • Keep your scissors: The Policeman will no longer steal your scissors after catching you
  • Placing the camera on the streetlight poles works correctly
  • Pictures in the Neighbor’s house have been fixed
  • Collision on the office tower has been fixed
  • No more crashes after selecting drone display or camera display
  • Some puzzles have been improved
  • All quests are now required in order to complete the School DLC
  • Don’t wanna watch all the cutscenes? You can now skip them
  • Drone's rope is now visible on the middle graphics preset and below
  • No more crashes after selecting drone display or camera display

The complete patch notes of Hello Neighbor 2 Patch 4 is available on Steam.

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