Hello Kitty Island Adventure Set to Debut for PC and Consoles

Hello Kitty Platforms
More ways to play. Sunblink

Good news for fans of Hello Kitty Island Adventure. This cozy life sim is set to make its debut on other platforms aside from the Apple Arcade. It's coming out this 2025 initially for the PC and Nintendo Switch. After that it's then going to be available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Talking about this announcement, Sunblink Chief Product Officer Chelsea Howe shared in a statement that since the game was first released, there has been a strong response not just from the fans but even the critics. Aside from launching the game on new platforms, Howe assured everyone that they'll continue adding new features, storylines, and of course, rewards.

Here are some key features of the game fans can look forward to:

  • Explore a Massive World
    • Get to meet iconic Sanrio characters across several unique biomes which offer more than 100 hours of gameplay to experience.
    • These include locations like Brave Kuromi's haunted mansion in the Spooky Swamp, the fiery Mount Hothead, Gemstone Mountain's glittery caves, and Rainbow Reef.
  • Create Your Character
    • Get to express yourself as an original, Sanrio-style avatar through a wide range of adorable character customization options.
    • Select from dozens of faces, features, and body shapes.
    • Collect hundreds of clothing items.
    • Change your appearance at any time.
  • Decorate to Your Heart's Content
    • Decorate the personal dream space or attract new friends to the island with the right furniture pieces.
    • Multiplayer guests can even decorate their own Friendship Cabins on your island.
  • No Microtransactions
    • There is no premium currency to earn, purchase, or spend in the game.
    • Enjoy the sights, customize the island vacation, and unlock everything just by playing the game.
  • Craft, Create, Collect
    • Bake delicious recipes with Hello Kitty, brew magic potions with Kuromi, collect critters with Keroppi, and learn to fish from Badtz-maru, to name a few.
    • Share gifts and complete quests to deepen bonds with even more beloved characters.
    • Scour the island for collectibles, like the plethora of hidden Gudetama, sometimes locked behind devious puzzles.
  • Team Up in Multiplayer
    • Everything is better with friends.
    • Invite someone to your island via Game Center or invite code.
    • Boost each other's stamina to explore greater heights and depths, solve the island's trickiest puzzles, chase new high scores, or simply build vacation homes together.
  • Frequent, Free Gameplay Updates
    • Sunblink is constantly adding new characters, areas, clothing, items, visitors, mini-games, and so much more, all for free.

Excited to experience the world of Hello Kitty? While waiting, you can play the game on Apple Arcade.

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