The Latest Update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure is Now Live

Hello Kitty Update 1-7
A new set of activities. Sunblink

A new update is now live in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and introduces new content. This is the seventh major update to be released in the game and also comes with quality-of-life changes.

Dubbed as Picture Perfect, this latest update offers a new photo op across the island. Each Island region now has a Photo Op which is just perfect for taking a picture. You can invite Hello Kitty and friends to these spots and get the best group photos there is. It doesn't stop there since it's possible to ask Hello Kitty and friends to change their outfits and get the perfect picture.

Update 1.7 also releases a new Creation Station where you can unleash that inner DIY. This is sure to take your crafting to the next level. Remember to use flowers as a beautiful component and come up with all those new items like candles and flower crowns. There are also new items that you are sure to enjoy. Head on over to Tuxedosam's shop and pick up new clothing items that include sunglasses and backpacks. There are even fairy wings so be sure to have something stylish.

The new update is also inviting everyone to some under the sea celebration. You see, it looks like Mysterious Mermaid Scales have been popping across thee Island Nuls. Go ahead and gather them and in return get to obtain some mermaid-themed outfits and furniture. While doing it, try and discover who's creating them in secret.

Everyone is also invited to the new "Starfall Weather." Experience a sky that's full of shooting stars. All you need to do is repair the Celestree on Cloud Island and then summon the magical starfall showers.

Now, all of these are sure to make everyone a bit relaxed. However, it seems that something is bothering Retsuko. Go ahead and help Hello Kitty and make sure Retsuko gets that much needed break.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure invites everyone to help Hello Kitty and Friends bring an abandoned island back to its former glory. In the game, players get to know the supercute and friendly faces that include Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, to name a few. Get to craft rare items, solve ancient puzzles, and even decorate cabins, all to bring new visitors and create the ultimate island paradise. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

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