Hello Kitty Island Adventure Welcomes You to the Merry Meadow in Latest Update

Get ready for a lot of new content. Sunblink

A new update is now live in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and introduces players to a new area. Get ready to explore Merry Meadow. It's a lush island region that's full of fantastic flowers, charming cottages, and even hidden hideaways for anyone to uncover. There are a lot of secrets hiding in Merry Meadow and players may even meet a new friend.

For those of you wondering who's hiding in Merry Meadow, it's none other than Wish me mell. She's excited to join the group and bring her friendly and good-hearted nature. She also loves to do some gardening in the meadow. By the way, Wish me mell has invited her friends Aro and Lou to visit so keep an eye out for that.

Speaking of gardening, players can now start their very own flower garden. All they need to do is collect seeds and then plant them so that they'll grow into beautiful flowers around the island. Depending on the method they use, they even get the chance to grow special, and even rare, varieties.

What else is happening? There's the Springtime Celebration for one so expect the trees to be in full bloom. Be sure to gather petals all around the island and then exchange them for beautiful Japanese-inspired decor and fashion like a kimono.

Starting with this new update, players can now play through special stories with Hello Kitty and Friends especially around their birthdays. This March, Cinnamoroll and Hangyodon are celebrating their birthdays to don't forget to drop by.

In terms of features, Update 1.5 introduces a major upgrade to the Selfie Camera. Now it's possible for friend to smile, as well as wave, at the camera. This is good especially when it comes to taking those big group selfies.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure invites everyone to help Hello Kitty and Friends bring an abandoned island back to its former glory. In the game, players get to know the supercute and friendly faces that include Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, to name a few. Get to craft rare items, solve ancient puzzles, and even decorate cabins, all to bring new visitors and create the ultimate island paradise. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

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