Hello Kitty & the Gang Make their Way to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni Sanrio
Look who's joining the gang! Netmarble

A new update is now live in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds which launches a rather interesting collab. That's because none other than characters from the world of Sanrio characters are dropping by. There are also some events going live for everyone to enjoy.

As part of this new collab, beloved Sanrio characters are going to be available for players to obtain. To do so, all that needs to be done is to log-in to the game during the event. Players get to earn the "My Melody Hat" along with other items which can help them power up.

That said, special Sanrio characters events are now live that include:

  • Welcome Sanrio characters! Check-in Event
    • Upon checking in for 28 days, players get to earn a 'Pink Special Summon Coupon' which can be used to obtain:
      • Rare 4★ My Melody
      • Rare 4★ Kuromi Familiars
      • Hello Kitty Lucky Box
        • Contains Costumes and Mounts related to Sanrio characters.
    • My Melody Hat is awarded on the first day.
  • Sanrio characters Mission Event
    • Completing Sanrio characters content related missions like DJ Kuromi's Party House award you with:
      • Pink Special Summon Coupons
      • Black Notes
      • DJ Kuromi Party House Dungeon Tickets
  • Sanrio characters Arrived! Gift Giveaway Event
    • By logging into the game during the event, players can get:
      • 40 'Hello Kitty Lucky Boxes'
      • 50 'Pink Special Summon Coupons'

Enjoy the Activities

In addition to the arrival of Sanrio characters to the game, there are also activities players can take on. Take the DJ Kuromi's Party House episode dungeon for example where players need to beat DJ Kuromi's DJ machine. Once this dungeon is cleared, players have the chance to obtain Rare 4★ My Melody and Rare 4★ Kuromi.

The Sanrio characters Sports Festival also goes live courtesy of this new update. In this one, players get to transform into the different Sanrio characters and play a running minigame with others. They can get rewards based on their performance, redeemable for Sanrio characters Familiars in the episode shop.

Year-End Events

With the holiday season here, everyone is invited to join in on the celebration. Players get the chance to obtain rewards for Power Up in these year-end events:

  • Winter Holiday Festive Catch Cluu
    • Upon completing missions such as Kingdom Chatting, players can get a ticket to the Catch Santa Cluu minigame.
    • Those who complete the minigame can get the 'Santa Cluu Gift Boxes' and the Winter Holiday themed 'Wishing Tree Hat.'
  • Goodbye 2023! Surprise Mission
    • Daily surprise missions are available with rewards that include 'Special Full Course Feast Selection Chest' and 'Growth Drink Chest'

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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