Action Taimanin: Hell Knight and Hybrid Taimanin Join the Fight

New event is here.
New event is here. LiLith

The battle in Action Taimanin is about to get even more intense with the arrival of the Hell Knight Ingrid. She’s not dropping in alone as she is joined by none other than the Hybrid Taimanin Onisaki Kirara. The two have arrived with an update released today.

As part of their arrival, there’s a Pickup Gacha running until June 29. The gacha reward is the UR Weapon Voucher with the drop rates for Kirara and Ingrid-exclusive weapons increased.

Before being officially part of the game, the two were actually set against each other in Team Battle. Those who joined in that event will receive the Voucher: Team Battle Character.

Other events introduced with latest update include:

  • The New Taimanins and the Evil Amidst Event
    • Clear event stages and collect Event Gacha Tickets.
    • Roll the Event Gacha to receive different rewards.
    • Event lasts until June 15.
    • Event Gacha available until June 22.
  • Pickup Gacha
    • Available until June 15.
    • Kannazuki Sora is also available in the Shop of Desires.
  • Golden Pass
    • Clear various missions and receive various rewards.
    • Purchase the Special Pass and receive additional and limited rewards.
    • Special Pass Reward: Voucher: Stage Costume
    • Available until June 15
  • Exchange Facility
    • Put two or more weapons or supporters of the same rarity and then exchange them for a different weapon or supporter.
    • Players can get a weapon or supporter of a higher rarity at a certain rate.
    • After using the Exchange facility once, players need to wait until the timer for the next attempt is up.

Character Improvement

Today’s update also brings improvements to the playable character Mizuki Shiranui. These include:

  • Increased the damage and attack range of her basic attacks, and decreased her attack speed.
  • Generally decreased the animation speed of certain skills.
  • The damage rise of "Sougetsuin" when upgrading the ATK or skill has increased.
  • The damage of "Yuugengoku" has increased, and follow-up attacks now deal more damage.
  • The summoned illusions of "Phantom Summoning" deal more damage.
  • The damage rise of "Senkou" when upgrading the ATK or skill has increased.
  • The damage rise of "Kazaguruma" when upgrading the ATK or skill has increased.
  • The cooldown time of "Genei Sekai" has been reduced, and it will now stun its targets when the skill is improved.

View the rest of the changes that arrived with today’s update here.

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