Hearts of Iron IV Offering Subscription Service at $4.99 per Month

Enjoy more offers.
Enjoy more offers. Paradox Interactive

Hearts of Iron IV is a game that allows players to experience World War II. Since its release, a lot of features have been added like the new espionage and resistance systems along with more detailed army and naval management. There are also many new alternate history paths to discover.

Considering that the game offers a lot, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that some players would have a hard time keeping up, especially those new to the game. After all, there are around six years of content to go through. The good news is that Paradox Interactive is introducing a subscription model for players. It's going to be a great help for those who aren't sure where to start.

The subscription is already available on Steam at $4.99 per month. Here's what subscribers can expect:

  • Five expansion packs
    • Includes the naval-themed Man the Guns and the Eastern Front focused No Step Back.
  • Two Country Packs
    • Adding new national focuses for Central European and Eastern Mediterranean nations.
  • ​Sound Packs
    • Includes period music and historical speeches
    • There are also two song packs from the Swedish metal band, Sabaton.
  • Cosmetic Packs
    • Special cosmetic skins for Allied and Axis Armor.
    • Get new ship models and planes of the Eastern Front.
  • All upcoming expansions and content

To get the subscription, players need to have the base game. As already mentioned, the service gives owners access to a lot of content. However, those who don't buy the subscription need not worry since they can still get current and new content the usual way.

Plans for the Year

Last week, the team at Paradox Interactive revealed some of the things they're considering in 2022 for the game which include:

  • Improvements to frontline stability.
  • Long-term goals and strategies to guide AI.
  • Improving peace conferences.
  • Update core national focus trees with alt-history paths and more options (Italy).
  • Wunderwaffen projects.
  • More differences between sub-ideologies and government forms.
  • More National Focus trees.
  • Make defensive warfare more fun.
  • Adding mechanics to limit the size of your standing army, particularly post-war, etc.
  • Have doctrines more strongly affect division designing.
  • Strategic and tactical AI improvements.

Read more about it here.

Hearts of Iron IV is available on PC.

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