Hearts of Iron IV: Patch 1.11.5 Implements AI Improvements and Tons of Bug Fixes

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back Steam

Patch 1.11.5 for Hearts of Iron IV is now available for download. It implements many AI improvements and bug fixes. Those who have encountered crash-to-desktop (CTD) errors, particularly when playing the tutorial or opening the in-game browser on DirectX 11, may want to get this update right away as this and other similar issues have been resolved.

If you’ve played the game before, you know how hard it is to win the Spanish Civil War. If you’re struggling, Patch 1.11.5 has implemented a significant change where Majors now send volunteers to the war even without the La Resistance. This increases your fighting chance now, compared to the small number of troops to work with back then.

Some noteworthy improvements to the game’s AI have also been made. For instance, they will now avoid attacking in the same place if the previous invasion failed for whatever reason. Additionally, the AI would be more careful when attacking, especially if they start running out of manpower.

For bug fixes, a major exploit that allowed some people to circumvent the building removal cooldown while at war has been addressed.

Patch 1.11.5 Highlights

  • AI will no longer consider enemy lakes to be dangerous
  • AI now assigns free aces to valid existing wings instead of only when creating new wings
  • AI is now significantly less likely to release collaboration governments unless they have narrative reasons to do so
  • Supply map mode allows normal interactions with naval unit counters and doesn't hide fleet windows
  • Fixed Army and Navy view windows opening on top of each other
  • Fixed shift+k shortcut for training air/navy
  • Fixed naval unit counters not showing low supply icon
  • Blitzkrieg Theorist advisors now have increased base cost
  • Smooth-talking charmer now reduces maintenance costs for improving relations
  • Ideological Crusader now grants party popularity stability modifier in addition to old effects
  • Halved motorized breakthrough and armor
  • Significantly improved game startup time
  • Fix AI Queueing more railway upgrades than it intended
  • Fix allied task force local supply draw
  • Fixed issue where Generals, Field Marshals and Admirals were not being transferred when annexing through Polish and Lithuanian monarchist events
  • Spanish generals should again be able to properly pick a side when the Civil War starts
  • Air Supply now redistributes supply consumption to the hosting airbase.
  • Naval Supply routes now respect blocked region flags

You can read the full patch notes here.

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