Hearthstone Brings The Old Gods To Battlegrounds

Be careful as the Old Gods are here.
Be careful as the Old Gods are here. Blizzard

If there’s anything to fear from the Old Gods, it’s that their corruption can reach far and beyond. This time, they’re going to make their presence felt in Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds. They'll come to this mode in Patch 19.2. Expect to see new playable heroes and new content as well.

New Heroes and Minions

There are actually three new heroes arriving in Battlegrounds with 10 new minions. These are:

  • New Heroes
    • C’Thun
      • Saturday C’Thuns! [Costs 2]
        • At end of turn, give a friendly minion +1/+1. Repeat 0 Times. (Upgrades after each use!).
    • N’Zoth
      • Avatar of N’Zoth [Passive]
        • Start the game with a 1/1 Fish that gains all your Deathrattles in combat.
    • Y’Shaarj
      • Embrace your Rage [Costs 2]
        • Start of Combat: Add a minion from your Tavern Tier to your warband. Keep it.
  • New Minions
    • Acolyte of C’Thun
      • [Tier 1] 2 Attack, 2 Health
        • Reborn. Taunt.
    • Tormented Ritualist
      • [Tier 2] 2 Attack, 3 Health
        • Taunt. Whenever this is attacked, give adjacent minions +1/+1.
    • Warden of Old
      • [Tier 3] 3 Attack, 3 Health
        • Deathrattle: Add a Gold Coin to your hand.
    • Arm of the Empire
      • [Tier 3] 4 Attack, 5 Health
        • Whenever a friendly Taunt minion is attacked, give it +3 Attack.
    • Bigfernal
      • [Tier 4, Demon] 4 Attack, 4 Health
        • After you summon a Demon, gain +1/+1 permanently.
    • Qiraji Harbinger
      • [Tier 4] 5 Attack, 5 Health
        • After a friendly minion with Taunt dies, give its neighbors +2/+2.
    • Champion of Y’Shaarj
      • [Tier 4] 2 Attack, 2 Health
        • Whenever a friendly Taunt minion is attacked, gain +1/+1 permanently.
    • Faceless Taverngoer
      • [Tier 5] 4 Attack, 4 Health
        • Battlecry: Choose a minion in Bob’s Tavern. Transform into a plain copy of it.
    • Mythrax, the Unraveler
      • [Tier 5] 4 Attack, 4 Health
        • At the end of your turn, gain +1/+2 for each minion type you control.
    • Elistra the Immortal
      • [Tier 6] 7 Attack, 7 Health
        • Divine Shield. Reborn. Whenever a friendly Taunt minion is attacked, this gets attacked instead.

Darkmoon Prizes

In time with the arrival of the Old Gods, there's a new limited-time mechanic known as Darkmoon Prizes. What happens is, in every four turns, players can discover a Darkmoon Prize and add it to their hand. As the game moves forward, they’re going to get more powerful Darkmoon Prizes. These include impact buffs to game-lasting effects.

Winter Veil Quests

There’s also the Winter Veil. Those who finish a Legendary Quest chain are rewarded with a total of four Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs. There are two quests as well, which appear one at a time on the Quest Log. Not to worry though, since they won’t override any other quests.

Get to learn everything about Patch 19.2 here.

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