Hearthstone is Making Adjustments to the Daily and Weekly Quests

Earn rewards easier.
Earn rewards easier. Blizzard

Back in November, Hearthstone released patch 19.0 that introduced an all-new progression system. The change had four major parts. One was the addition of an Achievements System. For example, it could track the in-game accomplishments of players. Then, there was the Quest Revamp that now supports both daily and weekly quests.

It's the Quest Revamp that Hearthstone wants to change. In general, the change aims to make it easier for players to complete the quests.

The first change is the weekly quests that need Legendary cards with Arena runs removed. It turned out that the quests were more difficult mainly due to the investment needed. In a post, Game Director Ben Lee admitted that this was a mistake and should never have been there, to begin with.

Next, the weekly quest Win 7 Games of Ranked Play Mode becomes Win 5 Games of Ranked Play Mode. While a guaranteed weekly quest, it felt that it needed too much from players to complete. So, adjustments to the win condition would help. Lee said that this makes sure “a larger number of players will complete this weekly quest and keep up with the rewards.”

What else? Both Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds now contribute to quest progress. Hopefully, this should give players more flexibility when it comes to completing quests. At the same time, ensuring that rewards are “more consistent with previous gold earnings.”

Lee also revealed “small tweaks to certain quests.” It appeared that some of the quests weren't working as well as planned or were in fact harder to complete. An example is the Play 50 Corrupt Cards quest, which was found “too hard to complete.” Because of this, Corrupted Cards now properly count toward the progress of this quest. Plus, the quest now only requires 30 Corrupt Cards instead of 50.

Finally, all daily quests now reward 900 XP rather than 800 XP. The goal, according to Lee, is “to make quests feel more rewarding.” He hopes that each quest feels like it rewards players for their time appropriately. They will “continue to make changes as needed.”

What are you waiting for? Grab those rewards!

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