Hearthstone: Murder at Castle Nathria is Now Live

The game's afoot.
The game's afoot. Blizzard

The Murder at Castle Nathria expansion for Hearthstone is finally here. Like any new expansion, players can look forward to new collectible cards, 135 from the latest expansion, and other features, such as the new Location card type and new Infuse keyword.

New Card Type

In the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, a new card type known as Location is added permanently to the game. Locations can be played on the board for an initial cost, similar to minions. However, they can’t be destroyed or damaged, except for cards that target them specifically.

Locations have effects that can be activated on the player’s turn. However, each time an effect is used, the Location loses one Durability, preventing it from being used for one turn.

Murder Mystery

Since the expansion has a murder mystery theme, players can meet the 10 mischievous malcontents present when the murder happened. Each class will have a Legendary minion card representing one of the suspects. Don’t forget to explore their powerful synergies as you try to solve the mystery of who did it.

It wouldn’t be a mystery without a detective present, and it’s none other than Murloc Holmes. Players able to solve three mysteries of their opponent’s hand and deck get to copy their cards. Keep a close watch on the special Diamond version of Murloc Holmes that can be unlocked with the Murder at Castle Nathria Tavern Pass.

New Keyword

In this new expansion, there’s such a thing known as anima. This magical energy is extracted from wayward souls and used to power the Shadowlands. Cards with the Infuse keyword can absorb anima whenever friendly minions die while the Infuse card is in the player’s hand.

Once a certain number of friendly minions die, the Infuse card becomes infused with anima and transformed into a more powerful version.

Talking about this new expansion, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra shared that Castle Nathria has been one of the most beloved raids in World of Warcraft. He added that it was fun to bring the style and energy of the experience to Hearthstone.

Learn more about the new expansion here. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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