Hearthstone: Latest Update Introduces Changes to Mercenaries

Some interesting changes.
Some interesting changes. Blizzard

Mercenaries mode is getting some changes under Patch 24.0 released for Hearthstone. There are two new mercenaries which should be good news for a lot of players. The patch also brings an update to some of the existing mercs.


Before we look into those changes, it's worth mentioning that there's a new limited-time event happening in Mercenaries. C’Thun has emerged from its prison and is attacking beginning on August 16; the event offers 10 special Tasks centered around the Old God C’Thun.

Two new event Tasks are unlocked on each of the first five days of the event, but players have until September 6 to finish all 10 Tasks. Those able to complete all 10 Tasks get:

  • C’Thun Mercenary
  • Random Golden C’Thun Portrait
  • Diamond C’Thun Portrait
  • 700 Mercenary Coins

New Mercs

Two new mercs are joining and these are:

  • C’Thun (Legendary Fighter)
    • Old God
    • 10/85 Maxed Stats
    • Abilities:
      • Mind Flay 5 (Shadow): (Speed 7) Deal this Merc’s Attack damage to an enemy. Deathblow: Summon a 5/15 Tentacle of C’Thun.
      • Tentacle of C’Thun 5 (Old God): (Speed 5) 5 Attack, 15 Health. Rush. Whenever this attacks, give your C’Thun +5 Attack and Old Gods’ abilities Refresh (1).
      • Mask of C’Thun 5 (Shadow): (Speed 4, Cooldown 10) Deal this Merc’s Attack damage to all enemies. Deathblow: Restore 20 Health to friendly Old Gods.
  • Sir Finley (Epic Protector)
    • Murloc
    • 11/78 Maxed Stats
    • Abilities:
      • Adventure Awaits 5 (Nature): (Speed 6) Gain +8 Health and Attack an enemy. If your opponent has fewer characters, gain Divine Shield first.
      • Murlocology 5: (Speed 2, Cooldown 1) Discover a dilapidated Murloc Ability.
      • Lead the Charge 5 (Holy): (Speed 3, Cooldown 1) Give a friendly character +12 Attack and Divine Shield. Give your Murlocs +5 Attack.

Merc Update

One of the updates was for Brann Bronzebeard, which includes that of Summit Campfire 5. The changes made are:

  • Old: Gain +4 Frost Resistance. Your characters deal Critical Damage to enemies whom have already acted.
  • New: Gain +5 Frost Resistance. This turn, enemies who have acted take Critical Damage.

According to the dev team, there was an issue where Summit Campfire was not able to have its full effect working. With these changes, once the effect is triggered, enemies that have already acted take Critical Damage, and any enemies who act after this effect take Critical Damage for the rest of the turn. However, if Brann dies, all enemies already impacted stay impacted though no additional enemies will be afflicted.

Another one was for Cookie the Cook and the Cookie’s Cooking 5:

  • Old: Bleed (5) to all enemies. Restore 5 Health to friendly Murlocs and Pirates.
  • New: Bleed (10) to all enemies. Restore 10 Health to friendly Murlocs and Pirates.

For those who can remember, Cookie was the first playable Merc that had the Bleed effect. The team shared that at the time, they believed it was a good idea to let Bleed scale with Spell Damage. It was then updated so that Bleed wasn't increased by Spell Damage buffs. This latest adjustment to the base power of the ability is a way to compensate for that change.

Read more about what Patch 24.0 has to offer here. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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