See What Hearthstone Has Planned for Mercenaries

Expect some exciting things.
Expect some exciting things. Blizzard

It was in the middle of October when Hearthstone first introduced the Mercenaries mode. The main goal was to offer everyone a new way to play. Now, new plans are in the works to improve the game mode.

Before we look into what those plans are, let’s check the figures. Since its launch, Mercenaries has seen one billion minutes of combat time and at least 100 million combined Bounties. This is truly a big milestone and as a thank you, all players are getting five Mercenaries packs for free.

So what exactly is coming for this new mode? For starters, players can expect to see new Mercenaries. There are also new bounties available in Blackrock Mountain for everyone to take on. New Bounty Bosses are also arriving for everyone to challenge.

Improving the Village

The development team revealed that they are currently looking into some areas of the village that need improvement. One of these is the Task Board. So far, the team has increased its daily refresh to refill all open daily slots. However, they’re looking into ways to give players more Tasks.

The team also shared that when they launched the Village, they always had future expansion in mind. But it's not easy since new systems and upgrades must be something that the whole community should be excited about. That said, players can look forward to the addition of the Training Hall, which is a way for players to level up their Mercenaries.

Enjoy the PvP

The team has been observing the ever-evolving meta of the PvP. There’s no doubt that a lot of players have been enjoying this feature. Then again, it’s not without issues especially when it comes to the queue times and even the AI. There are also concerns about some players engaging in exploits.

The team has received feedback and has been working to find a way to maintain the enjoyment in PvP.

Improvements to PvE

Players are also having fun with PvE since things appear to be working well. The team is looking into the pacing and rewards in PvE. For now, they’re working on adjustments for the Mysterious Stranger.

Learn more about what’s being planned for Mercenaries here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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