Furyhunter is Your Hearthstone Masters Tour Stormwind Champion

A new champion is crowned.
A new champion is crowned. Blizzard

The fifth Hearthstone Masters Tour is over and that means a champion has been crowned. For Stormwind, the trophy goes to European player Frederick “Furyhunter” Adam Møller, who also takes home $25,000 in prize money.

Furyhunter has a strong experience when it comes to the competitive scene. For those not familiar with his career, some of his achievements include being the champion in DreamHack Summer 2018 and Hearthstone Global Games 2019.

During Stormwind, Furyhunter entered the final day with a 7–1 record, although the road to the championship was still a long way ahead. Despite a 3–0 win against WEStone at the Top 16, he faced some difficulties during the Playoffs.

In the Quarterfinals, he lost the first two games against MaggoGx. Even with his back to the wall, he managed to climb back up and do a reverse–sweep to secure a semifinal placement. This time around it was against Chinese player VK.msbc. Like the previous match, Furyhunter lost the first two games and was on the brink of being eliminated. However, he pulled another reverse-sweep to claim a Final seat.

For the Final, the match was against another Danish player Jim “badajimpom” Boer. In the first game, Furyhunter’s Demon Hunter deck had a hard time against badajimpom’s Quest Warrior and lost. Probably learning the lesson of previous matches, Furyhunter didn’t want to risk another reverse–sweep. He was able to win the next three games and close out the match early.

In a statement, Furyhunter revealed that the win was truly amazing considering the amount of practice he put in for the tournament. He added that the Playoffs was one of the “most nerve–wracking experiences” of his life. Not really surprising due to many close games. He went on to say that each win was indeed amazing, especially the reverse–sweeps. Overall, Furyhunter said that the tournament was indeed a “rollercoaster of emotions.”

With this win, Furyhunter now has 29 Masters Tour Points. This gives him a possible chance to get an invite for the Grandmasters 2022.

The Final One

There’s only one more Masters Tour left and it’s Undercity. The tournament is scheduled from November 19 to November 21.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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