Hearthstone Hallow's End Arena Guide: Which Classes Are The Best?

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Hearthstone Hallows 2017
Hallow's End is here! BLIZZARD

Hearthstone’s Hallow's End event has finally arrived, bringing the ghosts and ghouls to party alongside the zombies and Deathwings. When you log in, you’ll get two free Whispers Of The Old Gods packs along with a free Arena run to test out the brand new dual-class mode. For the first time in the card game’s history, players can draft an insanely odd deck by combining two random classes into one nightmare of a good time. The first class dictates what Hero Portrait you’ll see, while the second decides your Hero Power.

This Arena event is full of absolutely insane combos, which will make even the calmest of players tilt into oblivion. Get used to seeing Equality followed up by Defile or an insane Unleash The Hounds with Mark Of The Lotus. If you end up taking this Arena event too seriously, you may find yourself turning crazy, possibly even into a Possessed Villager . There’s no middle ground with these drafts: you either get an amazing deck that can’t be beat or a synergy black hole where all your cards mix worse than a Friendly Bartender at an AA meeting. Still, if you're down to put a pirate hat on Uther or see what Anduin can do with that pitchfork, then you’ll have a blast this Halloween.  

Certain class combinations are definitely stronger than others, with some duos teetering on the edge of overpowered. Warlock’s Hero Power works amazingly alongside decks that can survive to the late game, like Paladin and Rogue, and can be used to outlast even the most daring of demons. My first draft was a Paladin with Warlock, where I crafted two Despicable Dreadlords and a Consecration. The deck has been performing extremely well, though I have encountered some abusive combos that made it look like something found at rank 20.

Other good Hero Powers in Arena, like Mage and Rogue, work well with aggressive classes like Hunter and Priest. Avoid drafting Hunter as your second class, the deal two damage Hero Power will be outclassed in nearly every way, unless you’re going for an extremely Aggro build.

Some other points to take into note before you jump headfirst into an 0-3 record:

  • The Hallow’s End Arena mode lasts for one week, after the time expires we’ll be back to playing without busted combos.

  • Warrior and Warlock used to be the worst classes in Arena, but in this mode, they pair alongside almost everything extremely well. Drafting an Execute when you have a Dread Infernal is sickeningly strong, or a Fiery War Axe alongside Soulfire to deal tons of burst damage.

  • If you are looking for a more precise way to draft, picking cards based on value rather than appearance might be busted, check out the Lightforge Tier List and this amazing write-up that goes into class match-ups in a bit more detail.

  • Vicious Fledgeling has been removed from Arena, so don’t worry about Spike Ridged Steed with a Priest Hero Power on a Beast that can never die.   

  • If you don’t usually play Arena, this is a great mode to try. You’ll learn the basics of drafting and resource management with a random deck that (hopefully) manages to be extremely strong.

  • If you see the Lich King , draft it!

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