Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year With New Tavern Brawl

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Time to celebrate. Blizzard

The New Lunar Year is the sign of starting fresh with new opportunities, and Hearthstone is no different. Starting on January 29 there’s a new Tavern Brawl along with themed quests.

Called Lunar Blessing, the new Tavern Brawl has players choose a class and are then given a random deck. That’s not all, as each class gets a selection of three different Blessings. It’s important to choose the right animal, especially one that fits your strategy. Here are the different blessings:

  • Blessing of the Rat
    • Whenever you summon a minion that costs (3) or less, give it Reborn.
      • Reborn is an ability that lets a minion be resummoned with 1 Health the first time its destroyed.
  • Blessing of the Ox
    • Whenever you summon a minion give it +3 Health
  • Blessing of the Tiger
    • Whenever you summon a minion give it +1 Attack
  • Blessing of the Rabbit
    • Whenever you summon a minion that costs (3) or less, give it Rush.
      • Rush allows a minion to attack other minions on the same turn that is was summoned or put under a player’s control.
  • Blessing of the Dragon
    • Whenever you cast a spell, add a random Dragon to your hand.
  • Blessing of the Snake
    • Whenever you summon a minion that costs (3) or less, give it Stealth.
      • Minions with Stealth cannot be the target of enemy attacks, spells, and effects until they attack.
  • Blessing of the Horse
    • Your spell cost (1) less.
  • Blessing of the Sheep
    • At the start of your turn, restore 3 Health to a damaged friendly character.
  • Blessing of the Monkey
    • At the end of your turn transform a random friendly minion into one that costs (1) more.
  • Blessing of the Rooster
    • Whenever you use your Hero Power, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.
  • Blessing of the Dog
    • Whenever you summon a minion, give it Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1/ Mastiff.
      • Deathrattle is an ability with the stated effect occurs when the minion is destroyed.
  • Blessing of the Pig
    • Whenever you summon a minion, add a Coin to your hand.

During the event players also get the chance to complete a total of eight different special themed quests. Each quest finished rewards both gold and dust.

What are you waiting for? Ready for the celebration!

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