Hearthstone Battlegrounds: New Heroes Introduced In Update 16.2

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Battlegrounds get new heroes and minions.
Battlegrounds get new heroes and minions. Blizzard

Hearthstone Battlegrounds revealed that it released a new update which adds new content along with balance changes. This includes two new heroes and some new minions. Update 16.2 also includes the latest adventure in Galakrond's Awakening. You can read about Chapter 1 of Galakrond's Awakening here.

Here are the new things arriving in Battlegrounds with this new update:

  • Heroes
    • Tirion Fordring:
      • Honorable Warband: [Cost 1] Give minions with no minion type +1/+1.
    • Millhouse Manastorm:
      • Manastorm: [Passive] Minions cost 2 Gold. Refresh costs 2 Gold. Start with 2 Gold.
  • Minions
    • Imprisoner: [Demon] 3 Attack, 3 Health.
      • Taunt, Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 Imp.
    • Fiendish Servant: [Demon] 2 Attack, 1 Health.
      • Deathrattle: Give this minion’s Attack to a random friendly minion.

Other changes include the Voidwalker being removed from the game's minion pool. For the Hero Pool, the update removed Sir Finley Mrrgglton, though he has a planned return in a future update, complete with a new Hero Power. Then there is also the Golden Zapp Slywick which now has Mega-Windfury rather than Windfury.

Meanwhile, the Bonus Stats Page has added the Minion lineup history. With this, players should be able to see their last five board stats.

Update 16.2 also includes these changes:

  • In-Game Matchmaking Adjustments
    • The update adjusted the algorithm that determines which opponent players face each round in a Battlegrounds match. Players no longer face the same player, or Kel’Thuzad, more than once in every three combat rounds, unless of course there are two players remaining. While this change arrives with update 16.2, it’s expected to go live with a later server-side update.
  • Game Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • Several fixes were implemented for bugs which could result in client crashes when playing Hearthstone on iPad.
    • Myra’s Unstable Element and Enhance-a-matic now fill the player’s hand to maximum after playing Valdris Felgorge.
    • Fixed the banner icons on copies of minions created after playing Crystal Core.
  • Battlegrounds Improvements
    • Spawn animations have been disabled when playing minions from a player’s hand in Battlegrounds games.
    • Increased the drag speed of minions in the Shop phase of Battlegrounds.
    • Cut down the animation time of the Poison effect in Battlegrounds.
    • Reduced the amount of screen shake in Battlegrounds games.
    • Minion “sleep” animations (Zzz) have been disabled in Battlegrounds games.

You can view all the Hearthstone 16.2 update changes here.

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