Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Season 2 Launching Next Week

Get ready for a new season.
Get ready for a new season. Blizzard

It was in November 2019 when Battlegrounds was first introduced. Since then, a lot of players have chosen this mode as their main way to play Hearthstone. A new patch is scheduled to be launched next week and it's also going to mark the official start of Battlegrounds Season 2.

What can players expect from this new season? Battlegrounds will now have its own progression track which hands out Battlegrounds-specific rewards each season.

Similar to the rewards track for Hearthstone, the Battlegrounds Track has free and premium unlockable rewards. Progress towards those rewards can be earned by playing. Battlegrounds-specific rewards include, among others, Battlegrounds Emotes, Hero Skins, and Strikes.

Why is Battlegrounds getting its own rewards track in the first place? The goal is to give Battlegrounds players more rewards that they care about. On the side of the development, there won't be a need to mesh the rewards for Battlegrounds with a Gold and XP system designed for the traditional Hearthstone game.

For those of you wondering, Battlegrounds is going to remain a free-to-play mode. The only difference is that there are more rewards available. In addition, things like base emotes and advanced stats that were previously bought through Battlegrounds Perks are now going to be available to all Battlegrounds players.

Season Pass

For those who want to get more rewards, be sure to get the Battlegrounds Season Pass. It's going to give you access to the premium rewards on the Battlegrounds Track. These include the new tiers of Battlegrounds cosmetics along with additional emote options, Legendary Hero Skins, and even a new three-stage Legendary Strike.

Buying the season pass lets you immediately unlock the option to choose from two additional heroes at the start of each game. Since this mode is still about maintaining hero and gameplay balance, it all boils down to player skill for those who want to get the crown.

You can also buy the Season Pass Runestones, the game's new virtual currency. Runestones are going to be available once the new patch is live and they can be purchased from the in-game shop and the Battlenet webshop. The price of the season pass is equivalent to the cost of Battlegrounds Perks in the past.

New Content

The new season for Battlegrounds is also introducing a new mechanic known as Quest. You can read more about that here. Aside from this new mechanic, players can also look forward to two new heroes and 11 new minions.

Of course, expect some updates to heroes, minions, and the overall minion pool.

Learn more about Battlegrounds Season 2 here. Patch 24.2 launches on August 30. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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