Hearthstone: Upcoming Update to Introduce New Mechanic for Battlegrounds

Time to shake things up.
Time to shake things up. Blizzard

A new update is set to be released next week for Hearthstone, which introduces massive changes for Battlegrounds. There will be a new Battlegrounds Track, new Battlegrounds Season Pass, and new Battlegrounds Missions.

The highlight of Patch 24.2, though, is the new Battlegrounds gameplay mechanic called Quests. It's like the usual Quests and Questlines in Hearthstone but with a Battlegrounds twist.

Quest-Reward Pair

What's going to happen is that at the start of Turn 4, you'll be asked to choose one Quest-Reward pair from a selection of three. The pairs are made by getting a random quest and then combining it with a random reward. So, you need to consider not just the reward, but also how difficult it is to get it.

Take note that the quests have baseline requirements that differ based on the reward they're paired with. That means better reward pairings make quests a little harder to finish. When the new patch arrives, there's going to be a total of 13 quests available.

Making Progress

Progressing the quest means completing the requirement selected in the Quest-Reward pair. You can check on the quest progress and reward by simply hovering over your Hero. You can also use the Scoreboard if you want to see what reward your opponent chose.

Once the quest is completed, your reward should appear at the left of the Hero. It's in the same slot as your weapon, or Buddy Meter would go if you had one.

Get the Reward

Why work to complete the quest? That's because the rewards give bonuses that will make you more powerful for the rest of the game. Examples of these rewards are:

  • The Smoking Gun
    • Your minions have +5 Attack.
  • Evil Twin
    • Start of Combat: Summon a copy of your highest-Health minion.
  • Another Hidden Body
    • Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier.

A total of 24 Rewards can be paired with a quest. However, to avoid extreme situations, some quests and rewards are restricted from being offered to specific Heroes or lobbies. Some quests and rewards will be offered at different rates.

Patch 24.2 launches August 30. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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