Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update 2.1.0 Improves Spell Energy Management

Update 2.1.0 improves Spell Energy management.
Update 2.1.0 improves Spell Energy management. Niantic

Niantic looks to be listening to the complaints of players as update 2.1.0 for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brings changes to how Spell Energy is managed. Since the release of the game last month, common complaints have been about Spell Energy. In particular, the difficulty in getting it.

However the new update doesn’t really improve how players get Spell Energy. Instead it just makes the management easier.

For example, one significant change is that players are not able to see Spell Energy on the Map. This allows players to be able to make changes on when they visit Inns to refresh their Spell Energy.

Another important change is the players are now able to see the status of their Spell Energy when they enter a Fortress. This prevents players from unnecessarily joining challenges when Spell Energy is low. Finally, when a player joins a Challenge and is low on Spell Energy, a message now prompts them of that fact.

Other changes in the game with this update include:

    • Added new Challenge Registry Page and Foundables, Symbols of the Wizarding World III
    • Lowered the amount of XP rewards in early Chambers (1-8) and increased the amount of XP rewards in higher-level Chambers (9+)
    • You now have the option to change your Code Name through the Settings menu in-game! You can only do this once so please choose carefully.
    • Added new Encounters, including Neville Longbottom, Omnioculars, Exploding Snap House of Cards, Blast-Ended Skrewt, and Professor Flitwick!
    • Increased the effectiveness of all Exstimulo Potions in combat
    • Added Butterbeer Cork Necklace Portrait Lenses; this item unlocks at Level 4
    • Added Death Eater Smoke Portrait Frame; this item unlocks at Level 25
    • Added 3 new Stickers:
      • Beauxbatons carriage
      • Durmstrang ship
      • Beauxbatons butterflies
    • Added 2 new Stickers you can unlock with Gold:
      • Malfoy Family Crest
      • Summer Whomping Willow

The update also fixes changes such as:

    • Fixed an issue where you would not receive the Lessons tutorial if you reached Level 6 and tapped Lessons before getting through the full Professions tutorial
    • [Android Only] Fixed an issue that when using AR mode inside of a Portkey, navigation would drift when your device was not moving
    • Fixed an issue where in low data connectivity, the game became unresponsive for a short moment when collecting an Ingredient from the Map
    • Fixed an issue where if you tapped quickly through the Level 2 Daily Assignments tutorial, you would experience an issue where the Daily Treasure calendar appearing blank
    • Fixed an issue where after returning a Foundable and exiting the Rewards page, you would see the AR or AR+ background briefly before returning to the Map
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