Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Page Now Online For Discussions

Community Page topics limited to gameplay.
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launches official Community Page.
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launches official Community Page. Niantic

If you're one of those looking for a way to move forward in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, then luck is on your side. Last week the game's official Community Page went online.

According to the game's Administrator, the goal of launching this Community Page is to bring all "players from across the world together to connect, chat and share their experience playing the game." In addition, the Community Page is also expected to be a place where players can look for, and hopefully find, information on release notes, launches, and even updates on known and emerging issues.

The Community Page is not just for players, as the development team also plans to use this as an avenue to join ongoing discussions in order to share their thoughts and even answer some questions.

This Community Page is not intended to replace any of the game's social network or even chat app. Announcements are still going to be announced on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Overall, the Community Page is simply another "official" place that players can go and discuss the game.

The team did remind everyone that discussion on the Community Page is limited to gameplay. What this means is that players should avoid discussing topics related to the Wizarding World or the Harry Potter franchise in general.

The Community Page can be accessed here with the guidelines available here.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic's latest offering to the augmented reality and location-based game genre. The game was developed in partnership with WB Game. A beta version was released in April in New Zealand and in May for Australia. The game was launched worldwide to Android and iOS devices by June.

The game is a lot like Pokémon Go, but rather than gathering creatures, players go out and stop magical beings and items from being discovered by Muggles. Players need to investigate the event called the "Calamity." The similarity is so close that some players are calling Harry Potter: Wizards Unite "Potter Go."

The first-ever fan festival for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is scheduled this Labor Day Weekend in Indianapolis. This is similar to the Pokémon Go Fest events. Recently the game launched a limited-time event called Brilliant Events. Expect more in-game events for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the future.

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