Harry Potter Wizards Unite Introduces Adventure Sync This Week

Something new is coming.
Something new is coming. Niantic

Something new is coming to Harry Potter Wizards Unite that is sure to make witches and wizards around the world excited. Adventure Sync is almost here and can help make those adventures even more rewarding.

Adventure Sync

So what's this one all about? Well, Adventure Sync is going to connect with either Apple Health or Google Fit and record your walking distance even when the game isn't actively running. This is indeed good especially if you're one of those who take the morning commute, go for an evening jog, or even just take a stroll around town.

To activate this feature, simply go to the Settings menu and enable it. While the walking distance is indeed going to be tallied, it can be applied to your Portkey Portmanteaus. While the feature is going to be available, it's completely optional so wizards all around can turn this feature on or off at any time.

Portkeys Update

In addition to the release of the Adventure Sync, there are also going to be additional updates to Portkeys along with rewards that are collected from these same Portkeys. For example, wizards are now going to be able to hold two extra Portmanteaus in their inventory, for a total of 10.

Another change is that when unlocking Portmanteaus, there's new artwork in order to visually differentiate the different types. The 2-km Portmanteaus show a boot while a 5-km Portmanteau reveals a kettle. Finally, the 10-km Portmanteaus have a defalted ball.

Witches and wizards are also going to notice that some of the Portkey environments that were available during previous Brilliant Events are set to appear again. A good example of this is Umbridge’s Office. There's still more, as tapping Wrackspurts within any Portkey now rewards players with Spell Energy. Wizards may also see extra Foundable fragments that weren't available to be collected from Portkeys.

January Events

The Darkest of Time Brilliant Event Part 1 is still ongoing. Be quick as it's set to end tomorrow, January 28. However, if you miss this one, don't worry as the Darkest of Time Brilliant Event Part 2 is arriving in February. For the second Darkest of Time event, players can honor the legacy of Dumbledore with returning Brilliant Foundables related to key memories that include his fight against Voldemort.

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