Halo Infinite August 9 Update Lets You See Challenges in the Pause Menu

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Halo Infinite just got a whole lot better. The developer released an important patch recently that brought highly-demanded features to the game. The patch also made several balancing changes and fixed quite a lot of bugs.

New Features

  • The recent patch makes every visor compatible with every Armor Cores. The change is implemented to all past visors and the ones that will be released in the future.

  • Mark VII attachment compatibility has been improved. Now, several helmet attachments can be applied to more Mark VII helmets.

  • A big QoL feature is here. From now on, the Pause Menu will show active challenges during multiplayer matches. Keep in mind that challenge progress won’t be shown. That feature is coming in a future update.

The developer has made several changes to multiplayer and menus. We have mentioned the highlights below:

  • The volume of a nearby player's shield recharging has been lowered, especially when the recharging player is out of the line of sight.
  • Choppers will no longer continue boosting after being disabled by a Dynamo Grenade's EMP effect.
  • The M41 SPNKR's damage radius has been improved and now more consistently damages enemies.
  • A fully charged shot from the Plasma Pistol will now correctly deplete all Shields, including active Overshields.
  • Mark Assists and medals related to the Mark system will now appear correctly when the Superintendent AI is equipped.
  • Players can no longer mark enemies who are obscured behind waist high cover.
  • In Custom Games, King of the Hill now goes to Overtime when both teams have the same score as time runs out.
  • In Custom Games, Attrition rounds now consistently end when a team is fully eliminated.
  • The outline of the Danger Zone's final circle will no longer appear early in Last Spartan Standing Custom Games.
  • Dropped weapons will no longer accumulate during Tactical Slayer matches.
  • The fourth Challenge slot will now always be enabled when a Premium Battle Pass is equipped.
  • Visor colors will now appear correctly when using the following helmet and attachment combinations:
    • Cambion helmet with the UA/Februus attachment
    • AKIS II-GRD helmet with the TAS/Lantifrid attachment
  • Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing now have unique Game Mode icons in various menus.
  • In the Ranked Arena playlist menu, changing the Ranked Queue type now correctly updates the Estimated Wait tooltip.

As mentioned above, the update also brings several balancing tweaks. You can read the complete patch notes to know more about them.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Halo Infinite recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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