Halloween 'Final Reckoning' In Fortnite Explained

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The new event may have given us a new teaser for Season 11.
The new event may have given us a new teaser for Season 11. Epic Games

It is no secret that Fortnite’s map has gone through a couple of changes since the official release of Epic Games’ title in September last year. There have been a variety of terrains, with Paradise Palms desert and the volcano in Pressure Plant being the most popular ones.

Interestingly, it is very likely that fans will get a completely new map after a bunch of photos possibly hinting at the impending doom of the island surfaced. And in case you did not know, they have been introduced in the game as part of the ongoing Batman crossover event.

But the biggest question is, what exactly is the Final Reckoning in Fortnite all about?

The fan-favorite Titled Town has been replaced by the Batman-inspired Gotham City. You should be able to see a heap of familiar venues, especially if you are a huge Batman fan. You will see Wayne Tower and Gotham PD, both of which arrived as part of the latest update from Epic Games.

A lot of Fortnite fans believe that the end of the map has just been teased at the Gotham movie theater. If you have chanced upon it, you should see an upcoming movie titled “The Final Reckoning” being advertised. The future in-game movie also has a couple of posters scattered all around the venue with different characters and villainous-looking figures on many of the walls at the theater.

It is said that each of the characters teased could be part of “The Seven.” The latter basically refers to the group which the Volta Visitor Skin is assumed to be a part of. Even more so, these fans are convinced that the group will be the one responsible for the destruction of the current map.

As of this writing, only six members (out of the very plausible seven), including the Volta Visitor, have been revealed in Fortnite. This scenario just seems to suggest that more teasers might follow before the end of the season. It is even safe to assume that Epic Games is starting to gear up for a new map.

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