Ha Jinsung Joins the Adventure in Tower of God: New World with Latest Update

Tower of God Ha Jinsung
A martial artist joins the roster. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Tower of God: New World which introduces a new teammate that players can add to their roster. There are also some themed events for everyone to join.

The new playable teammate is SSR+ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung (Red element, Fisherman, Assassin). He is one of the executives of FUG and served as a martial arts instructor for both Karaka and Jue Viole Grace. He has since turned his back on his family in order to focus on his personal goals. As a fierce assassin, Ha Jinsung is known for his ambush attacks and skills to become temporarily invincible.

This new update also comes with new costumes not only for Ha Jinsung but also Ha Yura, Data Zahard and Child Endorsi.

Join the New Events

In celebration of the arrival of Ha Jinsung, players can enjoy new in-game events until June 5. These include:

  • Story Event [The Murder on the Express Train]
    • Experience a special story and stages that feature Ha Jinsung and Ha Yura who uncover a mysterious murder case and where players can earn story points.
    • Based on story point rankings, players will acquire special titles such as the Express Train Fixer.
  • [The Murder on the Express Train] Exchange Shop
    • Exchange items earned from the Story Event for valuable rewards like the new costume for SSR Data Zahard and Growth resources.
  • [The Murder on the Express Train] Check-in Event
    • Players earn different gifts including Normal Summon Tickets (x40) and up to 3,000 Suspendiums by checking-in the game for 14 days during the event period.
  • [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung Trial Event
    • Play with the new teammate [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung for three days and get various Growth resources as rewards.

What else is happening? Players able to finish Story Event missions receive Normal Summon Tickets and SSR Soulstones among other rewards. Those who clear all Story Events can challenge the Event Boss [Punisher] Ren for a limited period of time.

That's not all since the celebration continues with Yellowy's Bingo Time Event where players get the chance to obtain Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Soulstones and more. The Loot Bonus Time, which runs May 24 to May 31, offers players the chance to receive double Coins, Shinsu and Link EXP during the event period.

In Tower of God: New World, players can take control of fan-favorite characters to ascend the Tower. The game is available on Google Play and the App Store while the PC version is available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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