Gunfire Reborn Now Officially Released; Here's What You Can Expect

Gunfire Reborn
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Gunfire Reborn is an interesting adventure game that marries FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements. There are so many things that make this title unique. For example, each level is completely random, so entering one provides an entirely new experience.

The game is now officially released, and Gunfire Reborn v1.0 has a lot to offer, including a new hero, new map, weapons, among many others.

New Hero

Qian Sui is the latest entry to the game’s ever-increasing roster of heroes. Able to harness the power of water, Qian Sui can summon a Tidal Aspis that has both offensive and defensive capabilities. You can unlock this hero for 600 Soul Essences.

New Map

Hyperborean Jokul
Hyperborean Jokul Steam

The Hyperborean Jokul is the newest map in the game. You can get here once you get rid of the enemies in the Duo Fjord and after beating Yoruhime-Maru for the first time.

Treasure chests await you, which are scattered all over the battlefield. Always be on your guard, as some vaults are filled with monsters.

New Weapons

The Ice Spear is a pistol-type weapon where you throw ice thorns at your enemies, dealing continuous area-of-effect damage. The thorns can also deal critical damage to subsequent enemies while being retrieved.

The deafening launcher is a potent close-range weapon that can fire explosive barrages. Its weapon skill allows you to launch three mortar shells at once after a brief charging period.

Update Highlights

  • Optimized the interaction behavior when using a controller: A cursor will now appear when players are moving a stick
  • Tweaked the strength of aim assist
OCCULT SCROLLS (New Enhanced Scrolls)
  • [Enhanced-Devil's Covenant]: +50% all copper gained
  • [Enhanced-Propulsion Device]: Dash has 3 charges and its distance is increased by 3 meters
  • [Enhanced-Elite Assassin]: +10% DMG Dealt for each elite or boss you've killed in the entire run
  • [Enhanced-Backup Shield]: Recover 100% Shield/Armor instantly when Shield/Armor fully depletes (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  • [Enhanced-Airbag]Recover 100% HP instantly when Shield/Armor fully depletes
  • Elemental Magazine
    • Deals an additional 50% DMG when weapon DMG causes an elemental effect
  • Reasonable Luck
    • +80% Lucky Shot Chance, but total Lucky Shot Chance won't exceed 150%
  • Rich’s Privileges
    • Deal additional skill DMG based on current copper you own when your skill does DMG. (Up to 1 time per enemy every 3 seconds)
  • You can now replace the weapon you want to drop via weapon comparison at a peddler or a phantom peddler
  • Optimized the experience of reviving a teammate. When a player starts to revive another in the air, the process will no longer be interrupted when they land
  • Optimized the game behavior in the character selection screen
  • Added DMG number display option

If you are interested to learn more, you can head to the game’s official Steam page.

Gunfire Reborn is out of Early Access and is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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