Gunfire Reborn July 2 Update: UI Changes and Bug Fixes

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Gunfire Reborn recently got an update that fixed tons of bugs and made some UI changes to improve certain icons.

The latest update also added new Spiritual Blessings and Enhanced Occult Scrolls, which can help you become stronger in combat. One of the blessings, One Dog Army, grants 150% weapon and skill damage, while reducing 20% damage taken, only if the player is not dual-wielding.

Gunfire Reborn July 2 Update

  • Optimized [Tao]'s model
User Interface
  • Optimized status icon names of enhanced occult scrolls
  • Added a cooldown timer status icon for the talent [Life Guardian]
  • Optimized icons of some [Tao]'s ascensions
  • Optimized a route in [Duo Fjord-Stage 1]
  • Tweaked jumping difficulty of a platform in [Desert Ruins]
  • Adjusted spawn parameter of [Elite Spearman], [Elite Horsehead] & [Elite Arsonist]. These monsters will not show up in small rooms
  • Adjusted jumping level spawn parameter. Jumping levels will not appear in normal difficulty
  • Optimized special effect of the weapon skill of [Fire Tower]
  • Optimized special effect of the weapon skill of [Poisonous Ghost]
  • Optimized some weapons' idle animation
  • Optimized muzzle special effect when [Pupil] is fully charged
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed abnormal reload speed caused by the inscription "When reloading right after killing an enemy, Reload Speed +50% and save surplus ammo as bonus reserves."
  • Fixed an issue where the exclusive inscription of [Angelic Aura] "If all five bursts hit the target, shots do not consume any ammo for 3 seconds" may not take effect
  • Fixed an issue where the status icon of [Field Support] may not be displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the status icon of the exclusive inscription of [Poisonous Ghost] (+100% Lucky shot chance on the next hit after landing a shot twice) is abnormal
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of copper gained from the talent [Golden Touch] is shown abnormally
  • Fixed an issue where heroes may use their skills or reload their weapons autonomously
  • Fixed an issue where the projectiles of [Talisman] cannot home in on the [Abyssal Serpent]'s tongues
  • Fixed an issue where players could pick up buns when equipped with [Paranormality]
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll [Bluff] may not take effect when players own the scroll [Paranormality]
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the scroll [Mystic Mirror] may remain for some time after dropping the scroll
  • Fixed an issue where some body parts of heroes may sink into the ground in [Desert Ruins]

You can read more about the update here.

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