Gunfire Reborn Jun 25 Update: Tao Balancing, Bug Fixes, and More

Gunfire Reborn
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Gunfire Reborn just received a new update that made various adjustments to Tao’s models and fixed other known issues.

The first female hero, Tao, which was released in the last update got small optimizations to balance the character. The developers also fixed an annoying bug where the progress of reviving a teammate is interrupted if the player picked up a bun.

Gunfire Reborn Update

  • Optimized the foreshadowed performance of Abyssal Serpent's bite skill
  • Reduced the duration of Abyssal Serpent's animation recovery when releasing skills in normal and elite difficulty
  • Increased the explosion range of Abyssal Serpent's triple spit
Reincarnation Mode
  • Optimized the effect of Field Proficiency, which player would gain buff after assisting in killing elite monsters
Sound Effects
  • Optimized trigger frequency of Tao's voices
Special Effects and Models
  • Optimized Tao's model
  • Optimized the special effect of Abyssal Serpent in the logbook
User Interface
  • Shorten the time required to long-press recycle and long-press discard
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the spiritual blessing Lightning Messenger cannot be normally triggered
  • Fixed an issue where the spiritual blessing Royal Guard does not take effect under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the special effect of quicksand caused by Ichthyosaurus Offspring is missing
  • Fixed an issue where the progress of reviving a teammate may be interrupted by picking up a bun
  • Fixed abnormal model of Peach Blossom drops for Tao's secondary skill
  • Fixed an issue where Tao's skill, Fatal Bloom, can restore secondary skill use upon marking a stone monster thanks to the talent Long-lasting Bloom
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon skill of Talisman could be interrupted when Fatal Bloom of Tao deals additional DMG
  • Fixed an issue in co-op mode where the DMG counter of Fatal Bloom is not working as intended if multiple players play as Tao
  • Fixed an issue where the DMG counter of Fatal Bloom may be abnormally reset under certain circumstances
  • Fixed incorrect Thunderstrike DMG data displayed in the introduction of Fatal Current
  • Fixed a texture graphical issue that occurs when protagonists are holding their teacup in the main menu and hero selection
  • Fixed an issue where the list of chosen spiritual blessing may be wrong in the player information
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll Final Judgment, the spiritual blessing Bladed Cleave, and the inscription "+100% Lucky Shot Chance on the second-phase attack when attacking enemies with more than 50% HP" cannot take effect when fighting with Abyssal Serpent
  • Fixed an issue where sounds of some monsters are missing when there are too many monsters in the combat area
  • Fixed an issue where the gunfire sounds of Bone Dragon become inaudible when the player keeps firing.

You can read more about the update here.

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