GTA Online Weekly Update: Be Ready To Take On The Vespucci Job

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Bigger isn't always better.
Bigger isn't always better. Rockstar Games

They say bigger is always better. Well, this week in GTA Online is going to prove the contrary with none other than the Issi Classic. This timeless compact is so adorably miniscule that it’s no wonder it became a cult classic. So get behind the wheel of one at once and run through a series of checkpoints while making sure to avoid the boys in blue. Those who manage to finish The Vespucci Job this week get to receive triple GTA$ and RP.

For those who want something with less risk, but also more reward, then go ahead and give the RC Time Trials a shot. This one is handing out double payouts this week.

If all that racing around is starting to stress you out, then put on the brakes and head on over to The Diamond Casino & Resort. There are rumors going around that a delivery of gems appears to be hiding in an underground vault. While it may be a rumor, there’s some truth to it. Players who manage to finish the Diamond Casino Heist Finale get the chance to pick the Diamond score.

For those who want to try out how good their stealth skills are at evading detection from both kingpins and the fuzz alike, Special Cargo Sell Missions are dishing out 2X GTA$ & RP.

For those not yet sure whether to take on the heist, spend some time at the Lucky Wheel. There’s a lot of prizes at stake and the top reward this week is the new Lampadati Komoda that’s been wrapped in custom livery.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, we move on the discounts offered this week. The main theme is based around Executive Offices and their customizations. These include:

  • Executive Offices – 40% off:
    • Maze Bank West
    • Arcadius Business Center
    • Lombank West
    • Maze Bank Tower
  • Executive Office Customizations – 30% off:
    • Interiors
    • Organization Name Change
    • Money Safe
    • Gun Locker
    • Accommodation
    • Personal Assistant

It’s not all about offices as there’s the usual discounts for vehicles. For this week these are:

  • Maxwell Vagrant – 40% off
  • Karin Everon – 40% off
  • Vapid Retinue – 40% off
  • Übermacht Rebla – 30% off
  • Bugstars Burrito – 50% off
  • Albany V-STR – 30% off

GTA Online players that manage to connect their Rockstar Social Club account with their Twitch Prime account get interesting benefits this week. Members that play the game from July 16–22 get a bonus of GTA$200,000. Those who managed to play the previous two weeks, play the game this week, and then the next week, get an extra bonus. Overall the four-week total is expected to hit GTA$1,000,000. In addition to the cash bonus, there’s the usual rebate on the base property purchase price of Pixel Pete’s Arcade plus an 85% discount on the HVY APC and Overflod Imorgon.

PlayStation Plus members also get a special benefit. Those who play starting today, July 16, until August 5, get GTA$1,000,000. In fact, members get GTA$1,000,000 each month until GTA Online is officially launched for the PlayStation 5.

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