GTA Online Weekly Update: Be Environmentally Responsible with Obey I-Wagen

Time to help with the environment.
Time to help with the environment. Rockstar Games

It's always good to add a unique vehicle to one's collection. For this week, GTA Online is offering one that lets you enjoy the road while being environmentally responsible. Don't forget to get your hands on the Obey I-Wagen, now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

For this week, players have the chance to grab GTA$200K. To get this, players first need to unlock and purchase an Agency Weapon Finish from the Agency’s Armory. After that, just complete Payphone Hits, Short Trips, and help Dr. Dre with his data leak problem.

Extra Rewards

This week, three events are giving out additional rewards. The first is The South Central Leak Finale, which hands out 2X GTA$ and RP. What happens here is that players are led to a gang meet-up while going after one of the leads on Dr. Dre’s phone. The gang happens to be the Families and the Ballas, finally united by the common cause of crime. Players need to meet up at the Davis Mega Mall and then follow the Ballas’ convoy to the Rancho Projects to see if they can requisition the tracks.

Double rewards are also handed out at Hardest Target. This one has two teams fight to kill each other's Target and make sure that their own Target is protected.

Meanwhile, All Simeon Contact Missions is giving out 3X GTA$ and RP. With these extra rewards, be sure to pick up when he calls.

Lucky Wheel

If all those activities are tiring you out, head over to The Diamond Casino & Resort for some downtime. Drop by the Lucky Wheel and give it a spin to win different prizes like GTA$, RP, clothing, snacks, and even mystery prizes. The top prize is the Declasse Drift Tampa.


This week, the game is offering Agency Armor Weapons at a 30% discount. The same discount is available for Agency Armory Upgrade. Vehicle updates meanwhile are:

  • MTL Wastelander (60% off)
  • Nagasaki Blazer Aqua (50% off)
  • Annis Elegy Retro Custom (50% off)
  • Invetero Coquette D10 (40% off)
  • JoBuilt Hauler Custom (40% off)
  • HVY Barrage (40% off)
  • Brute Armored Boxville (40% off)
  • Progen Itali GTB/GTB Custom (40% off)
  • Emperor Vectre (30% off)

Read more about this week's update here.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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