GTA Online Weekly Update: It’s a Good Time to be in the Nightclub Business

I love the nightlife!
I love the nightlife! Rockstar Games

This week is a good time to be a part of the nightlife scene in GTA Online. For starters, those able to attract crowds and complete Nightclub Management Missions get to dish out 2x Popularity. In addition, Nightclubs across the city are getting doubled daily income.

That's not the only way to earn this week. Take the time to call Yohan using the iFruit and earn double GTA$, RP, and Goods on Nightclub Goods Source Missions. Meanwhile, the Nightclub Warehouse Goods Production of the staff is accelerated by 50%.

Ride the Crime Wave

Carnage and chaos continue to reign in the streets of Los Santos. However, this is going to be the last chance to earn rare rewards. Here's what's in store this week:

  • Sell to a Street Dealer to get the Camo Roses Slab Denim jacket.
  • Sell drugs on the street on three separate days to receive the Budonk-adonk! tattoo.
  • Sell drugs on the street on seven separate days to receive the Painted Tiger mask.
  • Successfully rob a Daily Stash House to receive the Camo Roses Slab Cap.
  • Exfiltrate from Daily Stash Houses for five days total to receive the Purple X-Ray Emissive mask.
  • Collect from a Daily Stash House on 10 different days to receive the Red SC Dragon Revere Collar shirt.
  • Collect G’s Cache once to collect the Camo Roses Slab Canvas shoes.
  • Collect G’s Cache 10 times to receive the Red SC Dragon Embroidered pants.

The Gun Van

Those able to find the Gun Van this week get the chance to buy the Widowmaker at a price lower than what's offered in the market. Other weapons available are:

  • Up-n-Atomizer (30% off)
  • Heavy Sniper (60% off for GTA+ Members)
  • Railgun
  • Nightstick
  • Baseball Bat
  • Knife
  • Molotovs
  • Sticky Bombs
  • Proximity Mines

The Showrooms

This week, the Luxury Autos showroom is putting on display the Enus Paragon R (Sports) that comes equipped with the Yeti Camo livery. There's also the Progen Emerus (Super), offered at 25%.

At the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom, the ones on display are:

  • Albany Hermes (Muscle) wrapped in the Amazing Albany II livery
  • Emperor ETR1 (Super, 25% off)
  • Declasse Tahoma Coupe (Muscle, 25% off)
  • Vapid FMJ (Super, 25% off)
  • Declasse Yosemite (Muscle, 25% off)


With this week's focus is the nightlife, Nightclubs and their upgrades and modifications are offered at 35% off. There are also vehicles available at 25% discount:

  • Emperor ETR1 (Super)
  • Vapid FMJ (Super)
  • Progen Emerus (Super)
  • Lampadati Komoda (Sports)
  • Declasse Tahoma Coupe (Muscle)
  • BF Surfer Custom (Van)

There's a lot of things happening this week so don't forget to check them out. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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