GTA Online Weekly Update: It’s A Good Time to Do Business

Something to look forward to in the coming weeks.
Something to look forward to in the coming weeks. Rockstar Games

This week in GTA Online, the black market is buzzing with activity and upstart criminal enterprises are more than ready to make a killing. Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S get to try out Career Builder. This is a good feature, especially for new players just starting in the game. They can choose from one of the four career paths: Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, or Nightclub Owner.

For the next four weeks, the weekly bonuses are going to highlight each of the paths and give rewards accordingly. By the way, some of the popular multiplayer modes return this week like Extraction, Land Grab, Cross the Line, and Roadgame.

Double Rewards

For this week, those on the Biker path are likely to see that Motorcycle Clubs are rallying their members and fighting for dominance. Not to worry since all MC Work and Challenges like Joust and Criminal Mischief are handing out Double Rewards.

New Executives, meanwhile, can launch VIP Work and VIP Challenges from the SecuroServ CEO section of the Interaction Menu. Finishing these tasks gives the Organization 2X GTA$ and RP.

Triple Offers

An Executive is often seen as powerful but in reality, they’re only as powerful as their underlings. For this week, salaries for Associates and Bodyguards recruited via SecuroServ are tripled through April 13.

Associates, Bodyguards, or MC Members that are part of the team able to successfully complete a Gunrunning Sell Mission, Nightclub Management Mission, Biker Sell Mission, or Special Cargo Sell Mission receive a bonus of GTA$250,000.

Gunrunners can make the most of the Mobile Operations Center by joining Mobile Operations across Los Santos this week to get triple the usual GTA$ and RP. For those who haven’t upgraded their operations, now is the time to do so. That’s because MOC and its Upgrades and Modifications are being offered at a 30% discount for this week.

Business Discounts

  • Executives
    • Office Interiors (80%)
    • Gun Locker (80%)
  • Gunrunners
    • Gun Locket (80%)
    • Shooting Range (80%)
  • Nightclub Traffickers
    • Nightclub Dancers (80%)
    • Dry Ice (80%)
  • Bikers
    • Clubhouse Murals (80%)
    • Clubhouse Furniture (80%)

​Lucky Wheel

If all the work is starting to stress you out, head over to The Diamond Casino & Resort for some relaxing time. Don't forget to drop by the Lucky Wheel in the lobby and see if you're lucky to receive the top prize. This week the top prize is the Annis Savestra.

Learn more about this week’s update here.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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