GTA Online Invites You to Celebrate the Holidays & Have Fun in the Snow

Time to have fun in the winter wonderland. Rockstar Games

Festive wonder is all around as the holiday season has officially arrived in Southern San Andreas. There's a lot to be excited about in GTA Online which include new Snowball fights and even a holiday spin on Entourage. By the way, there's also going to be a state-wide hunt for the mysterious Yeti.

Let's start things off with the Snowball Launcher, available free to all players. After all, nothing says peace on earth and good will to all men better than a snowball to the face. To add this to the arsenals, all players need to do is log in from December 21 to December 27. In addition to the Snowball Launcher, other gifts to available include the Green Xmas Tree Hat, White Xmas Reindeer Hat, Candy Cane Weapon, and Green Reindeer Beer Hat, to name a few.

Meanwhile, those who log in anytime from December 28 to January 3 can obtain celebratory swag like the New Year's Hats (available in Silver, Gold, and Bronze) and the New Year's Glasses (available in Silver, Gold, and Rainbow).

Snowball Fights

In its natural form, snow may seem harmless. However, there's no question it can do some damage especially when fired at high speed from a Snowball Launcher. This means that in Snowball Fights, the stakes are real. That's because being hit by a snowball from the opposing team results in a one-hit kill. This epic winter battle happens across five unique locales and those who get to claim the victory can earn 2X GTA$ and RP through January 3.

Entourage (Festive Remix)

For the Entourage (Festive Remix), Santa has experienced an unfortunate sleigh crash and it's now up a group of Elves to defend him against the evil Krampuses. All that needs to be done is to get Santa to the safe zone. While the Krampuses have supernatural jumping abilities and extra health. Elves possess limited lives and can't see the extraction point. In addition, injuries have resulted in Santa being slow and unable to jump. However, Santa does get extra health though he has to guide the Elves to the Safe Zone.

Those who play Entourage (Festive Remix) get to earn 2X GTA$ and RP as well as unlock new Christmas weapon skins. Completing it once has players obtain a skin for the Combat Pistol. Surviving five matches of the Adversary Mode results in getting a skin for the Special Carbine. Those who win while playing as Santa Claus get a Heavy Sniper skin.

The Yeti Hunt

There's talk going around Southern San Andreas about a mysterious cryptid. While there are those who say that it could be another Sasquatch, experts say that it may be the folkloric Yeti due to the unique footprints, travel patterns, and even snow-white fur.

No one knows how this mythical being came to be, but an extensive search has started. Be sure to keep a close watch for five clues in the new Yeti Hunt. Look for anything out of the ordinary like blood and torn clothing. Find and defeat the Yeti by January 3 to unlock the Yeti Outfit.

Check out everything that's happening this week here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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