GTA Online: Here Are Some Tips to Fully Enjoy The Chop Shop

Here are tips to make the experience better. Rockstar Games

The Winter Update released last week for GTO Online introduced a lot of new content to the game. This included a new business location which was the Salvage Yard. The same location also introduces a new feature that a lot of players are sure to love. Today we give you some tips on how to fully enjoy this new gameplay experience.

Robbery Tips

The Chop Shop introduces a new feature to the game called Salvage Yard Robberies. These are elaborate and multi-stage operations which target those unique and highly covetable vehicles Yusuf wants added to his collection.

One aspect of these robberies is known as Disrupt missions. These happen in Freemode before you're able to successfully boost the target vehicle. The thing is that the timing of these Disrupt missions are rather tight. This means that you'll have to team up with friend, or probably use a Buzzard, to make sure that taking out those targets within the time limit is more manageable.

Now each week, the Robberies board is going to show three vehicles that you can steal. Once you manage to get them, you'll have two options. The first option is to sell and in return experience a higher-risk but higher-reward payout. Second option is to salvage the vehicle instead and earn income over time.

There's no question that in San Andreas, money never sleeps. That means in addition to Adversary Modes and Races, you now have Salvage Yard Robberies as another way to earn.

A New Service

The Salvage Yard isn't just about robberies. You can enhance the facilities of this location through the Tow Truck Service. By finding and towing those delinquent vehicles, you're not only able to get that much needed passive income but also get a solid reputation for the services your chop shop offers.

You can also use save money for the long-term by getting an upgrade on the Salvage Yard's Trade Rates. This should let you lower the costs when repairing vehicles. Any money saved can also be used to pay Mors Mutual Insurance.

Drift Racing Tips

The new update also added Drift Races which is sure to put your driving to the ultimate test when it comes to substance and style. One important tip is to outfit the vehicle you're using with full beam headlights. This results in better illumination allowing you to see those obstacles in night races. Be sure to keep a close watch on the ticker feed during the race since it can help you make the decision whether to maintain your position or take the lead.

What do you think? Excited to try out The Chop Shop? GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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