GTA Online Heists: The Diamond Casino Heist Is Coming Soon

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Time to form a crew.
Time to form a crew. Rockstar Games

If you've been to The Diamond Casino & Resort, you'll probably get the feeling that something big is about to happen. There appears to be an increase in security patrols with penthouse owners revealing that they've been receiving cryptic text messages. Meanwhile, if you visit the Casino's website, you'll find a glitch every now and then. So what exactly is going on?

It appears the cat if finally out of the bag as The Diamond Casino Heist is coming to GTA Online this December 12.

What brought this on? According to stories going around, despite the success of the Casino's opening, not everyone has been happy. Tao Cheng and his family, who have been ousted, may be planning to get back at the Duggan family, who now manages the Casino. Getting revenge on the Duggan family won't be that easy. If you're interested, chances are you're going to form a crew.

Heists are nothing new when it comes to GTA Online. However, The Diamond Casino Heist is going to offer players an all-new approach not only to the heist architecture, but also to the execution. For this upcoming event, you're going to need to work with the Cheng family and infiltrate what may be the most secure building in Los Santos.

This Heist is set to feature a wide range of opportunities for both set-up and prep missions. Ultimately, the goal of these missions is to help you plan your attack. As mentioned, it won't be that easy and one reason is that there are multiple paths of approach. In addition, the security measures constantly change. That's not counting the different choices available once you get inside. If you accept the mission, be prepared to make decisions on the fly as you need to deal with changes and new situations.

Now, if things go sideways, there's still a way out as you can always shoot your way out with whoever is still alive in your team. Even if that doesn't work, don't worry since the Heist is highly replayable with new scenarios unfolding each time.

It’s not just about forming a crew, as Heist crew leaders need to setup a new commercial venture as a front. Particularly, a retro arcade business located in the center of the action within which the Heist operations are staged and rehearsed. While you have your business running above, you can get to practice your hacking and vault-cracking skills below.

Are you excited for the new heist yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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