GTA 5’s Announcement for Next-Gen Consoles Not Getting Love from Players

Probably not the reaction they were expecting.
Probably not the reaction they were expecting. Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced last week that it's coming to the next-gen consoles. GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022. While the game had good reviews when it was released, it seems that the same can’t be said for the upcoming versions.

The official trailer released through the official YouTube Channel of Rockstar Games, for example, had around 177,000 dislikes compared to 33,000 likes, as of the writing. You can see for yourself below:

Even the trailer for the next-gen console is not getting any love from the community. The trailer at the Xbox YouTube channel has 6,000 dislikes against 2,500 likes. Meanwhile, the one on the PlayStation YouTube channel shows 125,000 dislikes versus 25,000 likes.

Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

According to the original announcement by Rockstar, the next-gen console version offers technical and graphical improvements. The studio also revealed that the reason why it’s set to be released next year is due to some fine-tuning and polishing needed. This version was initially set to be released in November of this year.

More details about this are set to be revealed soon.

Anyway, once this new version is launched, it’s going to be the third console generation release of GTA. The first version was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. At the very least, that shows just how long this game has been available.

Not What Rockstar Probably Expected

So why the negative response from the community? Looking at the comments on the different channels, one common thread is that there seems no real improvement. Making it worse was that the trailer didn’t even show any comparison. A user named Kage Danish commented on the Xbox YouTube channel that “ GTA 5 has become the new Skyrim.”

Lots of negative comments were focused on the fact that there’s no big reason or incentive to play the game on next-gen consoles. It’s also safe to say that many players were likely expecting an announcement for GTA 6, not a port or remaster.

What about you? What do you think?

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