Vice Cry Remastered: How to Bring Vice City to GTA 5

Vice Cry: Remastered
Vice Cry: Remastered lunchxbles

Did you miss Vice City from the 2002 Grand Theft Auto? Do you want to experience the ambiance once again? If you want, you can do it using a mod called Vice Cry: Remastered.

A Mod Brings Vice City to GTA 5

Vice Cry: Remastered is a mod created by modder lunchxbles, who faithfully recreated the palm tree-lined streets of Vice City. It ports Vice City to GTA 5 as a DLC. Because of the porting method, many new details have been successfully added. Players who missed the city are likely to experience nostalgia with this mod.

Some of the features are bump-mapped roads, spec-mapped windows to create correct reflections, brand new models and textures to match GTA 5 graphics, 3D neon models, material accuracy to deny broken alphas, full pathing, navigation mesh, working traffic lights, and custom scenarios. Even with some limitations, the mod's Vice City is functional in GTA 5.

The mod first came out on June 7, 2015, and got its latest update on December 9, 2019. You can get this mod here. Players who are expecting the official remastered Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will have to wait for Rockstar Games’ announcement. At the moment, there is no confirmed roadmap for its development.

How to GTA 5 Use Mods

While there is no complete modding guide for GTA 5, many experienced modders compiled important elements newbies should know. A Redditor posted a guide before installing mods, what newbies must avoid, and certain mods worth using. The first and foremost thing newbies need to avoid is overwriting the vanilla game. One way to do this is to create a backup of the game if you have enough hard disk space on your PC.

The next critical thing newbies must never do is going online. The servers of GTA 5 can detect mods installed on the game. This can lead to online bans because mods are considered cheating tools, and any alteration to the vanilla game is unacceptable. So, never play a modded GTA 5 online.

On top of everything, it is crucial to do some research. Modding takes time to understand but once you get familiar, you’ll learn how to install, enable, and uninstall mods quickly and safely. Just remember, use a mod manager when modding any game.

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