Grounded Now Officially Supports Steam Deck in Update 1.2

Super Duper Update
Super Duper Update Steam

Players can now enjoy the survival, action-adventure title Grounded on the go because Update 1.2 finally adds official support for Valve’s portable gaming console, the Steam Deck!

While some people have played Grounded on the Steam Deck for some time now, Update 1.2 includes optimizations for gaming experience on the said platform.

For example, control prompts no longer flip-flop between displaying gamepad and mouse/keyboard controls when using the gyro or touchpad. The graphics settings have also been tuned to provide an enjoyable experience when playing Grounded on Steam Deck.

Handy Gnat
Handy Gnat Steam

This massive content patch brought various in-game improvements as well. Players can use the Handy Gnat to help them build their bases. On top of that, the Pebblet Turret and Pollen Turret have now been converted to Acorn Turret. This new turret can use different ammo types, including Rocky Rounds, Groundy Rounds, and Pointy Rounds.

Acorn Turret
Acorn Turret Steam

Here are the other noteworthy additions and improvements in Update 1.2:

Handy Gnat
  • As Handy Gnat, you can fly around to build and customize bases to your heart's content.
  • In order to use Handy Gnat, you must have the "Handy Gnat Unlocked" custom game option toggled on. This option is on by default in Creative and Creative with Bugs game modes. For Survival game modes, you must convert your game to a Custom Game first in the Game Settings menu to enable this feature.
  • Once enabled, Handy Gnat can be activated in the Crafting menu or the Construction radial.
  • Handy Gnat can build from storage near your teen and even haul Grass Planks and Weed Stems.
Additional Custom Game Options
  • All Mutations Unlocked
    • Start with all Mutations unlocked and available.
  • Fully Yoked
    • Start with all Milk Molar infusions fully maxed out.
  • Handy Gnat Enabled
    • Allows you to activate the Handy Gnat build helper.
  • "All Recipes Unlocked and Free" has been split into two separate options: All Recipes Unlocked, and All Recipes Free.
  • Acorn Turret
    • When in the Turret, you can press R or Right Bumper to swap ammo types on the fly. The new ammo types you can craft are:
    • Rocky Rounds
      • Pebblet rounds made smooth with bug acid. Pack a punch and push targets back.
    • Groundy Rounds
      • Sticky turret rounds that don't do a lot of damage but can ground flying insects with ease.
    • Pointy Rounds
      • Sharp and simple. Very small cooldown between shots.
    • Sappy Rounds
      • Gooey rounds that are perfect for slowing down enemy crawlers.
    • Burny Rounds
      • Hot little suckers that can set the ground around them ablaze.
    • Splody Rounds
      • They explode. Nuff said.
  • Pollen Turret recipe and Pollen Turret Science Store entry have been removed.
  • If you previously purchased either the Pollen Turret or Pebblet Turret, you will have access to the new "Acorn Turret" building recipe.
  • If you previously purchased both Turrets, you will be refunded 4,000 Raw Science.
  • Turret aiming angles have been increased so you can aim higher and lower.
  • You can now see the health of the turret while inside of it.
  • The game now boots past the initial loading screen.
  • The Xbox log-in window properly displays.
  • Steam Deck virtual keyboard pops up when selecting any input text field in the game (entering a multiplayer game password, naming your trail marker/storage, pet, etc.)

So, are you planning to play Grounded on Steam Deck soon?

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