Grounded: Extra Backpack Storage and Hot Pouch Changes in Update 1.1.0

Update 1.1.0
Update 1.1.0 Steam

Christmas has arrived early in the first-person online multiplayer survival game Grounded. Update 1.1.0 adds a plethora of good changes, including extra space for your backpack and more customizable Hot Pouches.

But first, Obsidian Entertainment has a treat for you. When you play Grounded this December, you can unlock the Holiday Tree and Holiday Wreath building recipes by purchasing them from the Science Shop. Additionally, the Holiday Tree provides you with early morning Christmas goodies in the form of random gifts, only available this month. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Science Shop, stat!

Now onto the changes. The Grounded community has been clamoring for more backpack space for some time now and it seems that the company granted it with many additional rows of inventory space. This allows you to carry more items from your adventures in the yard!

Aside from that, Update 1.1.0 gives you the ability to customize three unique sets of Hot Pouches. For the uninitiated, Hot Pouches in Grounded are just the game’s term for the hotbar, where you can add items you need to use in a snap without pausing the session to go to the inventory. You can tweak the Hot Pouches on the inventory screen as well.


  • ZIP.R (Go Up Ziplines Upgrade)
    • Ascend Ziplines and traverse them more quickly with this ingenious device from Wendell. The ZIP.R utilizes Aphid power and a gear train to overcome the force of gravity.
    • The ZIP.R can be found in a new room in the Oak lab that requires the Assistant Manager keycard. Once collected, this new ability is permanently unlocked for all players.
  • Nearby Storage Range Increased
    • The "Nearby Storage" range has been doubled from 10 centimeters to 20 centimeters.
  • Build from Nearby Chests
    • Base buildings can be built using ingredients from nearby chests.
  • Build from Nearby Pellets
    • Base buildings can be built using ingredients directly from nearby grass and stem pallets within a 40-centimeter range.
  • Naming Trailer Markers
    • Trail Markers can have text added to them. The text will be shown anywhere you can see the marker.
  • Adjust Depth of Field Option
    • Players can change the background depth-of-field blur between High, Medium, and Low settings (High is the default).
  • Each individual Storage building can be configured as included or excluded from Nearby Hot Deposit.
  • Looking at a creature in PEEP.R mode that has already been PEEP'd will show you their card for quick access.
  • Broken items will no longer unequip or drop in the world when destroyed. Equipped items that are broken will not appear on your character and you will not gain any of their effects.
  • Buildings now give back 100% of their resources when destroyed or recycled by the player.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Grounded Update 1.1.0 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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