Grounded Receiving New Content Update On September 30

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Since Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded launched into early access back in July, the game has become quite popular among fans. However, there's one thing that the game clearly lacked – content. Recently, Obisidian announced in a Developer Vlog that the game will be getting a new content update on September 30, specifics of which have yet to be revealed. All that fans know for now is that Grounded will be receiving "new content, game changes, and fixes."

In case you didn't watch the Developer's Vlog, it was stated that Obsidian is following a G.O.A.P (Goal Oriented Action Plan), with the developer intending to work on insect AI to make it smarter and more engaging. For instance, Aphids will behave in correspondence to their environment. If they are away from clovers, they'll tend to get sad and players can always brighten up their day by bringing them closer to clovers. Likewise, all other insects and creatures will have a specific way of reacting to the environment like gathering food, exploring, and even defending their territory.

Even though we don't know the contents of the upcoming update, the Obsidian Feature Board website shared some interesting details on what players can expect from future Grounded updates. According to the website, the September update is called Hedge Content Update, which is said to introduce ziplines, a spinning wheel, the Frankenline landmark, and localization for French, German, Spanish, and Italian regions. There are also other features like new spider webs, building signs, a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern landmark, and a Candy Corn food item. Additionally, the website also lists future content that the developer has planned for Grounded. You can check it out here.

Despite launching in Early Access, Grounded managed to gain over a million players within two days of its launch. Now, Obsidian Entertainment is committed to delivering monthly updates to keep Grounded's experience fresh both by addressing bugs and implementing new gameplay changes.

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