Grim Dawn: The Legendary Set Items Heavily Buffed in Latest Update

Update v1.1.9.8 Crate Entertainment

Crate Entertainment launched a hefty new patch for its action RPG Grim Dawn not long ago. Update v1.1.9.8 has buffed a bunch of legendary set items, including the Allagast's Masterpiece and Ultos' Tempest sets.

If you like the Inquisitor mastery in Grim Dawn, you should look into incorporating legendary set pieces into your build. In Update v1.1.9.8, Allagast's Masterpiece Set got a couple of noteworthy adjustments, starting with a 5% increase in offensive and defensive abilities. On top of that, the aether damage modifier for Storm Box of Elgoloth has increased to 200, which is granted when equipping this four-piece armor set. If you're using Storm Box of Elgoloth as your main skill, then it makes sense to use the full Allagast's Masterpiece set, especially if you're converting all of your damage to aether.

The Ultos' Tempest Set, a staple for Shaman builds that use Primal Strike as the offensive ability, has been buffed as well. Wearing the full five-piece set now gives 30% physical damage dealt as lightning. Moreover, the lightning damage bonus provided by this set has been increased to 33-66. But more importantly, the biggest change is that it now reduces the cooldown modifier of Primal Strike by 0.5 seconds. This ensures that Primal Strike has less downtime as you don't have to wait for three seconds anymore to cast it again.

Several legendary set items were tweaked in this patch and you can find some of the best ones below:

  • Allagast's Stormgem: added 220 Health and 25% of Cold dealt as Aether
  • Ardor of Octavius Set: replaced Internal Trauma damage bonus with 25 Physical damage
  • Bulwark of Octavius: reduced Internal Trauma damage to 84 / 5s. Increased Internal Trauma damage modifiers for Aegis of Menhir and Forcewave to 220 / 3s.
  • Pauldrons of Octavius: added 22 Internal Trauma damage / 5s
  • Visor of Octavius: removed Internal Trauma damage. Increased Internal Trauma damage modifier for Rune of Kalastor to 200 / 2s.
  • Barrelsmith's Destroyers Set: increased damage on the granted skill and added Energy Leech to it
  • Mythical Barrelsmith's Salvo: increased damage and % Activation Chance on the granted skill and added Energy Leech to it
  • Beastcaller's Cowl: replaced % Armor with 20% Aether Resist
  • Black Scorch Covenant Set: increased Chaos damage modifier for Sigil of Consumption to 160
  • Blood Knight Set: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Bone Harvest to 80% and Bleed damage modifier for Counter Strike to 200 / 3s
  • Chillwhisper Set: added 80 Defensive Ability bonus. Increased Cold damage modifiers for Drain Essence and Rune of Hagarrad to 90 and 80, respectively, and added 200 Frostburn damage / 3s modifier for Rune of Hagarrad. Increased % Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Blade Spirit to 10% and reduced its Cold damage modifier to 80.

Grim Dawn Update v1.1.9.8 is available on Xbox One and PC.

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